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  •   CDM 2015 dates and location are now official!

    FFSMK is pleased to announce the official Super Mario Kart World Championship 2015 dates and location!

    After another impressive edition organized by World Champion Florent Lecoanet (Neo), the SMK Championships (CDM) will be held for the third consecutive time in the town of La Suze-sur-Sarthe (France, 20 kms from Le Mans, Sarthe), and will be set at the traditional third August week, from August 18th to 22nd, 2015.This time, we have to thank two other players as co-organizers. Long-time attendee Djibril Aatif (tiftif) offered to take care of the CDM 2015 organization and received help from 2014 enthusiastic newcomer Jean-Marie Clerc (Tanatix); both will work as a team to provide once again the best CDM possible, in the best venue we ever had for this competition.

    Like in 2013 and 2014, you'll be able to read all the useful information about the way to reach La Suze on the "How to come?" page through the village's satellite view. It will help you to see where the venue, camping and train station are located. Just like for the two previous editions, the subscription fees (*) will include the camping ones, you will just be asked to bring your own tent and/or share one with other competitors. If you need to book a room at the local hotel (Hôtel Saint-Louis), the daily fees will be independent from the organization and it will be asked you to take care of them.

    Once again, FFSMK wants to thank a lot the town of La Suze for welcoming us a third consecutive time, and the devoted players who decided to rule the organization so early.

    Subscriptions are not opened yet but you can be sure this is going to happen very soon. The CDM week's definitive agenda is still to be confirmed, but we can already announce CDM will start with Time Trial as usual on Tuesday 18, the championship ending on Friday 21 with the last of four gaming modes. You can check out the current temporary agenda, which is very close to what will be officialized afterwards, on the detailed page dedicated to the CDM agenda.

    Like every year, many prizes from our historical and potential new partners (some of them have already confirmed they will support us for 2015) will be provided, in addition to the traditional cups and medals. So stay tuned: many details will come very soon about all those prizes on the dedicated page!

    Just like in the two last editions, the CDM will obviously be livestreamed on twitch, to help all the ones who will not be able to make it to watch the competition live. We are expected to improve the livestream quality for this edition, and it's going to be great news considering everyone is looking forward for great battles in order to challenge Neo who almost didn't share the 2014 glory at all, only Julien Holmière (ScouB) being able to defeat him in one of the finals.

    As usual, we hope to reach the biggest SMK crowd ever next year by announcing those dates and location so early, about 10 months before the new edition. It will help all of you to take care of holiday booking and, for the people who might come from very far (American, Brazilian, Japanese, Australian players for example) to start their trip to Europe project in the best conditions. And of course, every player from Europe and especially France is asked to consider attending seriously, because there are no specific skills required and all the newcomers with beginner levels will tell how much they enjoyed that week which is a very unique one in the European video game landscape.So stay tuned and don't hesitate to follow all the discussions about CDM and react on the community message board! Subscriptions will be opened very soon...

    For any question about CDM organization or other information you could request, feel free to contact us by mail or on the social networks.

    (*) Those fees are not confirmed yet, but might be identical to the 2014 edition.

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  •   Super Mario Kart Championship 2014 is over!

    Super Mario Kart World Championships are over, and Florent Lecoanet (Neo) didn't leave any chance to his opponents to prevent him from reaching a second consecutive crown. Neo dominated this championship with three individual gold medals (in Time Trial, Match Race and Grand Prix 150cc) plus a very unexpected silver medal in Battle Mode. Eternal rival Sami Cetin and vice world champion didn't win any of the modes for the first time since 2008, reaching silver medals in the three racing modes. Julien Holmière (ScouB) came third like in 2013, winning an awesome Battle Mode gold medal.Other notable achievements were the bronze medals reached by FFSMK President Guillaume Leviach (Mario86) (in Time Trial), Parigo Legend Harold Christensen (in Match Race), the American Drew Blumfield (in Battle Mode) and Dutch Champion Karel van Duijvenboden (in Grand Prix).FFSMK would like to thank the town of La Suze-sur-Sarthe for providing us again a superb venue and a cool campsite, plus a permanent internet connection which helped us to broadcast CDM live on twitch. Many thanks to all those who watched the event during the week, hoping we will see some of you attending next year!Thanks to Scoub's amazing work, you can already check out the complete and detailed CDM results, and read the summary (in French for the moment, an English translation is expected to come very soon...) written by Mario86. As usual, you can also follow all the discussions about CDM and react on the community message board!

    In the end, FFSMK would like to thank and congratulate everyone who attended at least one of the four CDM modes and/or helped for the good organization. Also, thanks a lot to our various sponsors too (Nintendo France, Mario Museum, Game Them All, Pix N' Love, and all the players who offered prizes!) who helped all players to leave CDM with great quality prizes. We're looking forward for meeting all of you in the summer or 2015 for the 14th edition whose dates and location will be announced soon... ;-)

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  •   Welcome on SMK Championships website!

    Super Mario Kart is without a doubt one of the funniest games in the history of video games. But it is also one of the most technical games ever!

    You are a fan of this game and you think you are one of the best and up for any challenge? Then, come and register to the yearly Super Mario Kart Championship!!!

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Place: La Suze-Sur-Sarthe, France  
Date: From 18 to 22 August 2015
Last confirmed attendee: Cédric LEUTWYLER  
Confirmed Registrations:3
Registrations waiting for payment/validation: 8
Potential total number of attendees:11
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Djo    - 2015-01-23 11:19:07About: CDM 2015 dates and location ar...

Cette année j'en suis!

Eoj    - 2015-01-15 02:06:54About: CDM 2015 dates and location ar...

Hopefully this is the year!

Zarkov    - 2014-12-13 09:26:52About: CDM 2015 dates and location ar...

Sweet, im 99% to be there again in 2015!

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