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The 2018 Super Mario Kart Championship is over!

For its 17th edition, the Super Mario Kart championship moved to the Netherlands, to Alphen aan den Rijn and  once again week has been full of emotions, twists and turns and various cracks!

For the third consecutive year, Julien "Scoub" Holmière wins the World Champion title and completes his medal collection with gold in Match Race (after an incredible final where he saves 4 match points!) , also gold in Battle and a silver one in GP !

To his left on the podium this year is Sami "the Godfather" Cetin who proved himself very strong again, winning the silver medal in Match Race and the gold medal in GP.

And it is Florent " Neo " Lecoanet who joins them on the third step to complete this podium! He won a silver medal in Time Trial, another Silver in Battle Mode and got the bronze medal in Match Race and also in GP! This last medal and this third place were the only ones missing from his list of achievements!

These three exceptional players still gave others the opportunity to distinguish themselves! Notably in Time Trial where Guillaume "Antistart Leviach won the gold medal and the German Christian"Chraizy" Wild received the bronze medal, Drew "duff" Blumfield came back in force in Battle Mode to claim the 3rd place as well.

This edition in the Netherlands saw an impressive number of famous players return from the community. The record of new participants was also broken with 14 new recruits, bringing the total number of players who have already participated in a championship to 200!

The FFSMK would like to thank the Esport Games Arena in Alphen aan den Rijn twice for their warm welcome and sympathy. We are also grateful to Karel Van Duivenboden and Patrick Wessels for coordinating relations with the Arena and proposing this Championship project in the Netherlands. Also a huge thanks to Nintendo NL for supporting us and to our other sponsors as well.

Thanks also to the French team who invested themselves, Adrien Garreau, Jean-Marie Clerc, thanks to FFVIMan for being an eternal technical genius, thanks to Jarmou for the opening and closing ceremonies, thanks a second time to Patrick for the scores and stream management. Thanks to Guillaume Leviach for keeping the Twitter account so alive! Thanks to Samuel "Narnet" Gomez and his acolytes for the French comments and thanks to Marius "Sargoth" Hukkelaas for the English stream. We broke audience records this year!

And of course, thanks to all the people who make this community so irreplaceable and make every year from a certain week in August a real highlight in all of our lives!

See you next year, keep on karting!


PS: All detailed results will be updated on the results shortly, we'll let you know as soon as it's done.

Written by Jarmou   - 2018-08-20 - Category: SMK Championships Send Share Tweet Share Comments (4)

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