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Super Mario Kart Championship 2022: Register!

Registration for #SMKC22 is now open!

Just like last year, the event costs are 15 Euros per day, including the ceremony + free play day (Saturday 27). Saturday tickets are mandatory if you participate in more than 2 modes (people are actually expected to pick up their medals and prizes).
Optionally you can also sign up for a restaurant quality lunch + dinner for 15 Euros per day, thanks to our very generous sponsor (and community member) Lars! Note that Saturday there will only be a lunch (7.50 Euros).
Finally, IASMK will charge a fee to cover organizational costs and benefit the future sustainability of these events. The amount of this fee will increase the later you register, as late registrations incur a lot of extra burden on the organizing team:
- by May 15: 5€
- by June 15: 10€
- by July 15: 20€
- by August 1: 40€
- after August 1: 80€ (please note that we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to accommodate your registration, even if there are still spots available)
Once you have submitted the Google Registration form you will get an email from the organization with an invoice + payment details. We encourage but do not require you to handle payment as soon as you've registered, so make sure to register as early as you can!

In addition to this, we have reserved the full "Boutique hotel" right next door to the EGA, at a discounted price of 50€ per person per night (including Monday night but excluding Saturday night, which is not available to us). There are only 24 spots available (10 doubles and 1 quad), and will be given out first come, first serve. If you don't have a roommate, we'll arrange groups for you. If you're not interested in this option (or space has run out), you can check out the Avifauna hotel, which is cheaper but further away. There are also a limited number of spots available at local karters' houses, with priority given to players coming from outside the Netherlands.

Some typical examples of a CDM package:
#Full event without food deal: 15(x5) + 5 = 80€
#Full event with food deal: 30(x4) + 22.50 + 5 = 147.50€
#Full event with food deal and hotel (including Monday night): 50(x5) + 30(x4) + 22.50 + 5 = 397.50€
#Single day ticket: 15 + 5 = 20€
#Single day ticket with food: 30 + 5 = 35€
#Spectating all days with food deal: 15(*4) + 7.50 + 5 = 72.50€

If you are bringing any extra people, please have them fill in the registration form too. Especially if they want to make use of the food package (lunch + dinner) of De Beren or they want to stay at the Boutique hotel.

Please let us know via the form what day / time you will arrive. We strongly encourage people to arrive Monday evening (especially those traveling from abroad), because the event is projected to start with an opening lunch at 13:00 (TT is projected to start at 16:00). Please also inform us if you can bring any equipment (SNES set-up + SMK + TVs) and finally if you require any assistance in finding a place to sleep.

The event agenda can be found here: http://www.ffsmk.org/?task=agenda

The event rules can be found here: http://www.ffsmk.org/?task=rules

Join the discord channel dedicated to the championship to share with community members and challenge your rivals! https://discord.gg/kVrFzn3Srn

The registration form can be found here:

We have all been looking forward to experiencing a "full" SMK Championship again, let's all enjoy and celebrate the community and its favorite game!

Written by Lafungo   - 2022-04-11 - Category: SMK Championships Send Share Tweet Share Comments (0)

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