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Register for SMK Championship 2019
This year again, the total number of participants for each mode will be limited to 64 maximum. Here are how registrations will be handled :

64 places for Super Mario Kart community (by mode)
Who? FFSMK Members, previous SMK Championships participants, SMK Time Trial/GP150cc World Records Websites members, SNESOT SMK tournaments participants, but also newcomers that might join the community.
When? First-come, first-served. Deadline is June 30th for this type of registration.

Registration form for SMK Community Members
Profile You need to fill all the mandatory fields indicated by a (*).

Your phone number and email won't be displayed on the website nor communicated to anybody else than the administrators, it will only be used in case we need to contact you during your travel, during the SMK championship or to send you important information relative to the SMK Championships.
Last Name (*) : Country (*) :
First Name (*) : City / Zipcode (*) :  
Nickname : Mobile Phone Number (*) :
Gender (*) : Email (*) :
Birthdate (*) :   Team :
Chosen package This year two packages available :
- "All-inclusive" package (60€/day) (1)(2):
registered for competition of the day, lunch and dinner included (Drinks and additional food not included), transport to the hotel (one round trip per day) and night at the hotel included.
- "Limited" package (25€/day) (2):
registered for competition of the day, lunch and dinner included (Drinks and additional food not included).
"All-inclusive" Package not available anymore

Special Dietary Needs Feel free to specify here any specific Diet (Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free, etc.) so that we can ensure there will be food in respect to that diet. Please remain serious in what you'll write here :)
Specific Diet ?:
What you can bring with you We will need this year 16 CRT TVs, 32 PAL SMK cartridges and 32 PAL SNES for a better and smoother championship.
(Players from UK should NOT bring their own electric material because of the differences with the dutch system).
TV (number and size):                         
PAL Super Nintendo (number):            
PAL Super Mario Kart (number):          
I do not have a Super Nintendo pad:            
Modes Participation Fees are 60€/day for "all-inclusive" package (300€ for the whole event), 25€/day for package without hotel (125€ for the whole event).
Time Trial on Tuesday 13th August
Battle Mode on Wednesday 14th August
Match Race on Thursday 15th August
GP150cc on Friday 16th August
Trophies Ceremony + Extra Tournaments on Saturday 17th August

More Details here : Agenda
Time Trial: Participant: Spectator:
Match Race: Participant: Spectator:
Battle Mode: Participant: Spectator:
Grand Prix 150cc: Participant: Spectator:
Trophies Ceremony + Extra Tournaments: Participant: Spectator:
Community Gathering To facilitate the integration of newbies, we will set up a system of mentoring elders from the community to newcomers. They will be paired on a voluntary basis with the elders, and according to the language they speak to facilitate exchanges. The "godfather" will be the newcomer's referent person to introduce him/her to others and answer his/her questions during the week.
Spoken Languages: English: Dutch: French:
German: Japanese: Spanish:
Ice-breaker / games
(Tuesday 13th before opening ceremony) :
Mentoring system: Looking for a mentor?:    
Be a mentor/godfather:
(1) Hotel option will consist in rooms for 3/4 persons maximum at Van Der Valk Avifauna Hotel. 10 rooms have been pre-booked for now. Deadline for All-Inclusive option is May 31st to organize this in the best way possible. It won't be possible to select this Package after this date.
Round trip to the hotel will be a service provided by the Hotel. More information will be provided at a later date concerning this service. Otherwise its a 25-30min walk from the hotel to the venue. Exact address of the Hotel : Hoorn 65 2404HG Alphen Aan Den Rijn

(2) Meals will be provided by De Beren Restaurant, 2 hot meals per day, except for Tuesday (only dinner) and Saturday (only lunch). Of course, it will be possible to buy additional drinks directly at Esports Game Arena

Once the registration form filled and sent, you will receive an automatic email confirming that we have logged your registration request.
Then you will have to proceed to the payment of your subscription fees.
The deadline for this is June 30th, 2019 for "Limited Package" but May 31st, 2019 for "All-Inclusive Package". Once the payment done and received, you will appear on the current registered players’ list.

If you register after June 30th, you will still have a possibility to be allowed to participate to the SMK Championship 2019 but:
- subscription fees will automatically be increased by 5€/day (So for example, for "Limited" package 25€/day instead of 20€/day).

The subscription fees are 60€/day (for "all-inclusive" package) and 25€/day (for package without hotel) this year .
Both packages are covering lunches and dinners but drinks are not included.
1) Using Bank Transfer: See IBAN in confirmation email you will receive

If you are under 18 when the championship begins, you will have to send the parental authorization signed by the person legally in charge of you by email.
-> Download English Parental Authorization Form

Your participation will be validated by an administrator once your subscription fees (and parental authorization form for -18 ) have been received. Then, you will appear on the current registered players’ list.

If you have any request or problem, feel free to contact us here.

Keep on practicing and see you at the SMK Championships !

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