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FFVIMan.fr is a partner of Super Mario Kart championships since 2005. FFVIMan provides technical support during the whole duration of the championship.

Did you ever dreamt to play SNES greatest hits released only in Japan or in the USA without finding and buying a NTSC Super Nintendo ? Or did you ever wanted to play at your favourite PAL games with an increased speed of 16% (50Hz->60Hz) ? Then don't search anymore, FFVIMan.fr is there for you.

This site explains in details how to switch yourself your SNES in order to take benefits of all this advantages. And if you are afraid to do it by yourself, you can still send your SNES to FFVIMan and he will do it for you with pleasure and for free contrary to some specialized shops.

FFVIMan offers during the championship any switch SNES desired by players, or to turn your SNES pad into a Pro-NBT Pad to enjoy even more playing Super Mario Kart. So bring your SNES/Pads if you wants to enjoy this offer!

Mario Museum

Mario Museum is a partner of Super Mario Kart championships since 2008! Mario86, its creator, offers each year, since 2008, numerous prizes linked to Super Mario Kart or Mario universe in general.

Created in 2001, Mario Museum is not only dedicated to Super Mario Kart but to Mario Universe, and especially to the old school period. The site is full of tests, tips, walk-through and contains tons of information on your favourite plumber's universe.

Mario Museum is a non-lucrative website, but even if it hasn't any specific income, Mario86 wanted to sponsor SMK championships to show how much passionate he is with Mario video games.

Super Mario Kart Players' Site

Super Mario Kart Players' Site is a partner of Super Mario Kart championships since 2008! Sami Cetin, its creator, offered during the championship week 10 Euros for those, not yet ranked, who gave him a complete set of Time Trial times during the championship period. Since then he offers also prizes linked to Super Mario Kart universe.

Created in 1998 and with already almost 400 players ranked on each one of the TV System (PAL and NTSC), SMK Players' Site is the reference website for Time Trial rankings on Super Mario Kart. It has two separate rankings for PAL and NTSC times and a constant activity each week for a 20years old video game.

By running this website, Sami Cetin ("The Godfather of SMK") widely contributed to the emergence of such a large community and to the creation of those yearly SMK championships. So thank you Mister Sami Cetin!

Karthritis Society

Past Sponsors/Partners
Esports Game Arena | 2018-2022

La Ferme des Aubrais | 2017-2017

Ludus Events | 2016-2016

Caisse d'Epargne | 2016-2016

Ville de Strasbourg | 2016-2016

Orange | 2016-2016

Hachette Heroes | 2016-2016

Guinness World Records | 2016-2016

Next Level Gaming | 2015-2017

Baptiste Fleuriste | 2015-2015

SNESOT | 2013-2017

Game Them All | 2013-2014

Pix'n'Love | 2013-2014

La Suze-sur-Sarthe | 2013-2017

2xmoinscher.com | 2008-2010

PABCD | 2005-2010

James Game Center | 2005-2005

Nintendo France | 2002-2023


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