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CDM 2018 / Bilan 2018
« le: 10 décembre 2018, à 21:27:04 »
^I'll DM you a screenshot of the part where I was told that.

edit: sent

Discussion générale / Gifs SMK
« le: 07 décembre 2018, à 22:48:52 »
Alphen or Gasny poll opens

CDM 2018 / Bilan 2018
« le: 07 décembre 2018, à 14:35:09 »
I've been told to post something in here since apparently there may be a view that if you don't post a review on the french forum then you didn't like cdm 2018

who has say that to you ?  :o :o

personally from all discussing most complaints are only for hostel managed by the ffsmk. But almost all player say to me that was a sucesfull cdm.. very surprised about it :o :o

Hmm, same there, can't remember anybody saying something like this. ???

I'm not gonna name names, not sure what the politics in play are like amoungst you all. I was just advised to post something to the forum if I enjoyed cdm 2018 and wanted 2019 to have a chance of being in Alphen again.

CDM 2018 / Bilan 2018
« le: 06 décembre 2018, à 17:01:53 »
I've been told to post something in here since apparently there may be a view that if you don't post a review on the french forum then you didn't like cdm 2018 and have been told about some topic locked from view of non-ffsmk members (i.e. most of the non French speaking cdm attendies) talking about taking cdm 2019 to some backwater village in the middle of nowhere (I googled the place and it looks tiny with almost nothing to offer).

So here is my (rather late) review on cdm 2018:

Location, Location, Location. Can't stress this enough. Was a joy to not have to spend over half a day travelling to cdm. Amsterdam is super easy and cheap to fly to and from there it's just a quick car or bus ride to Alphen.

Food. Food is usually the worst thing about cdm, and I can appreciate that the stuff provided for us has to be done on a budget, however at least this year there were many, many choices of local restauraunts and cafes to chose from should people want to pay to eat something a bit nicer (I had a couple of really good steak dinners and also ate out at lunchtime everyday). With most of us now being in our 30's and having decent jobs, the need to do everything like we are young and broke seems silly and having the choice to do something nicer was a great improvement on previous years.

The venue. I was a bit concerned beforehand and initially on arriving that this would be another Strasbourg type cdm where we have to battle the crowds, the noise and the heat, and then be thrown out really early every night. Thankfully most of this wasn't an issue, the non-cdm people didn't get in the way (or at least they didn't for me), the only noise issues I had was if I was sat near a TV that Conor was using (pretty sure he must be nearly deaf to need to turn his TV up so loud every time) and the venue didn't seem orverlly eager to kick us out and let us stay until we were ready to leave.

The beer. Thank god for Belgium!!! Was great to be a cdm with a great choice of beers, either at the venue (including the specials they kept off menu) or at the nearby pub that had something like 100-200 different types of Belgium beer available. Ok, so we had to pay for beer, but again that isn't going to be an issue for most of us now, and to be able to have some of my favourite tripels was great (mine is a Westmalle Tripel if you are offereing btw).

The people, of corse all the usual cdm attendes are great, that goes without saying, but the bar/venue staff were also really nice and funny.

Accomodation. I was in a rented room in a house about 15-20mins walk from the venue (same house as Karel and Sargoth), it was okish for just sleeping and showing, but ideally I would have liked to stay in a proper hotel that was nearer the venue. I guess if we are (hopefully) in Alphen again next year that I could find something a bit better if I bothered to look a bit harder. One thing I'm not willing to compromise on these days is having a room of my own to retreat to should I need (my health was good this cdm, but can't guarentee it will be that way every year and I'm 50-50 most days on if I need to collapse in bed for a few hours).

SMK. Like pretty much every year recently, I turned up without any appreciable practice. Kinda like turning up for an exam you haven't revised for, I got found out pretty quickly. At least I had no real expectations to not meet.

This cdm seemed to me to do everything that the Strasbourg one attempted to do in 2016, it just did it all better. It was in a good location, had media coverage and was open to the public (and not just a few random villagers), without compromising the soul of cdm. It still felt like a cdm, just with the added benefit of some of the creature comforts that are usually missing.

If it is (as rumored) a direct choice between cdm 2019 in Alphen or cdm 2019 in some tiny village in the middle of nowhere, then I hope common sense prevails and Alphen is chosen again. I know logistically it can be challenging for an organisation based in France to hold something outside of France, but it all seemed to work for 2018, and The Netherlands is pretty close to France anyway.

A lot of us 'foreigners' don't really come to this board (or even the English MB now) as we do most of our kart talk (as well as random life talk) on various different Discord serevrs. Please don't take our apparent silence as in any way meanying that we didn't really enojoy cdm 2018 in Alphen. And if it is true that there is a hidden topic discussing cdm 2019 options, please can it be made available for everyone to see and comment on. Thanks.


P.S. Love you all.
P.P.S. Forgot the biggest negative of cdm 2019, there was no Harold!
P.P.P.S. Also no Geo (but Harold is hotter).

Discussion générale / Gifs SMK
« le: 05 décembre 2018, à 23:35:01 »
CDM 2018

CDM 2019

Discussion générale / Game of Shrooms
« le: 07 septembre 2018, à 21:19:16 »
House Grandison - Rouse Me Not

This one seems apt for Nhi Tran

If there isn't one there already (there usually is), I'm bringing an ntsc n64 for Patrick so could just use that (in 4p vs ntsc and pal run almost identically for mk64) will bring the game and some decent controllers too.

I'd like to do a 4p vs mario kart 64 tourno. I'll probably bring along a few prizes (and reserve some prizes for best players not ranked in top100 on the mk64 site too to try to encourage participation).

CDM 2018 / CDM 2018 - Trailer
« le: 31 juillet 2018, à 20:27:50 »

Discussion générale / Karter Contest 2018
« le: 27 juin 2018, à 22:12:50 »
My Round of 16 match vs Etch is up today, I will lose this but a few votes would be nice if you can spare 10s to click on my name here: http://www.mariokart64.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?virboard=kc2k18&num=1530129603


Here's some art I did that you may have missed if not looking at the 'campaigns' on the english MB

Fire Engine (Fire Truck)

Girl in a bubble, coughing

Flower and Bee


Discussion générale / Karter Contest 2018
« le: 24 juin 2018, à 22:17:22 »
Thaks guys and gals, you helped get me through into the last 16 where I'll be up against Etch (has has finished runner up in many Karter Contests including the last one).  <3

Discussion générale / Karter Contest 2018
« le: 23 juin 2018, à 22:43:23 »
Since all the SMK greats have been knocked out (Karel, Scoub, Mario...), I'm calling for your help to get an SMK scrub like me through to the last 16.
I've been to the last 7 cdm's, and even though I suck I'll be at my 8th this year.

So please give me a vote today if you can: http://www.mariokart64.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?virboard=kc2k18&num=1529784007

tu es tellement sexy
Je veux lécher le nutella de ta poitrine
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Discussion générale / Karter Contest 2018
« le: 13 juin 2018, à 23:29:00 »
Ces concours sont toujours truqués

Discussion générale / Gifs SMK
« le: 09 juin 2018, à 13:39:08 »
Proof that Battle Mode ability is transferable across to other mario karts

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