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CDM 2023 / CDM 2023 Videos
« le: 13 septembre 2023, à 16:46:33 »
All #SMKC23 Time Trial tournament videos have been processed and uploaded to our YT channel! Courtesty of everyone involved in capturing/streaming 📹and @SparksF1 for splicing the material! 🏁

Check it out: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3vsjKGheWCySL-8MFXOz1fMv5zZJIB3G

Multiplayer modes to follow later! 🎈

D. Kashima   GS   https://youtu.be/u5KRj7RdEvY
F. Adam   GS   https://youtu.be/b9MgZlWSpuM
G. Lesquerbault   GS   https://youtu.be/G_nizIfQsho
G. Leviach   GS   https://youtu.be/reY4DYvhwcU
J. Edline   GS   https://youtu.be/KdX7FSjGokQ
K. van Duijvenboden   GS   https://youtu.be/PytlEc_grjg
S. Cetin   GS   https://youtu.be/K4GvZhqeTE8
S. Gomez   GS   https://youtu.be/cL2xE1zGT0c
D. Blumfield   LKS Q1 Barrages   https://youtu.be/D3Igp8gkTRM
D. Kashima   LKS Q1 Barrages   https://youtu.be/-ZkdZEiP-Kw
R. Braun   LKS Q1 Barrages   https://youtu.be/AxoUlyXg6tc
S. Rijsdam   LKS Q1 Barrages   https://youtu.be/1z8_oQvSOII
F. Adam   LKS Q2 Barrages   https://youtu.be/4UGBPfwQVMc
F. Chollet   LKS Q2 Barrages   https://youtu.be/4dvKO8MfEww
J. Edline   LKS Q2 Barrages   https://youtu.be/HuEkIDLVCkg
R. Braun   LKS Q2 Barrages   https://youtu.be/v0DHooy58lU
F. Lecoanet   LKS Top 16   https://youtu.be/f-8RdPC9zAI
J. Edline   LKS Top 16   https://youtu.be/Jw5D_Y0bl0M
J. Toole-Charignon   LKS Top 16   https://youtu.be/6posF3OM0VQ
S. Gomez   LKS Top 16   https://youtu.be/ZRh91MP151Y
S. Jarmouni   LKS Top 16   https://youtu.be/Ah0LL10sMj0
K. van Duijvenboden   LKS Top 16 + Top 8   https://youtu.be/PMTVWbY8HQg
G. Leviach   LKS Top 8   https://youtu.be/ni5AzPDEIyM
J. Coiffard   LKS Top 8   https://youtu.be/DkFhfF--nGI
L. Hasso   LKS Top 8   https://youtu.be/TnmTOS8IPbs
T. Ogasawara   LKS Top 8   https://youtu.be/NbKR46PEzTY
T. Ogasawara   LKS Top 4   https://youtu.be/GeVQGjc5Vxg
K. van Duijvenboden   LKS Top 4 part 1   https://youtu.be/_Me2g7BwkRA
K. van Duijvenboden   LKS Top 4 part 2   https://youtu.be/GK0IHSn4vsw
J. Toole-Charignon   LKS Top 4 + Final   https://youtu.be/bdWiF_uEmeg
K. van Duijvenboden   LKS Final   https://youtu.be/_ZJULSoYqfc

Sessions SMK / SpeedGaming Tournament #3!
« le: 08 décembre 2021, à 13:40:10 »
There will be another SpeedGaming SMK tournament starting in January 2022!  :D

Anyone is welcome to join! All you need to do is join the SMK Community Discord (https://discord.gg/WPYmCsbUs9) and contact either of the tournament admins, Firewaster and KVD, with the following information before the deadline of January 2 at 23:59 CEST:

- your username.
- your Twitch channel (streaming is required).
- your name on the Players'Page, if applicable.
- your country, if you're not ranked on the Players' Page.
All participants are required to be present in the SMK Community Discord. Discord will be used for announcements throughout the tournament, and players will need to have Discord open during their matches for communication with their opponent.

If you will not be using direct game capture for your stream, you must inform a tournament admin when signing up. You will be asked to demonstrate your setup. If your stream quality is deemed to be too low, you will not be allowed to participate.

Outlined below are the specific rules for the tournament, some of which are still being determined/discussed.

Game rules:

- Any official (NTSC) release of the game is permitted, as well as SNES emulators that are generally accepted for speedruns (such as SNES9x v1.51+ and BSNES).
- Participants must play GP150cc in 1P mode.
- Any character is allowed, but character selection is limited according to the "Match rules" section.
- NBT is allowed.
- Item usage is allowed.
- Lapskips (manipulating the finish line trigger) are banned, with the exception of using a mushroom or feather to trigger the finish line OoB, which is only allowed on lap 5
Tournament rules:

- The tournament structure will be decided based on the number and composition of signups. The format will contain a possible round robin group stage and a guaranteed elimination bracket (either single or double) knockout stage.

- Players will be seeded based on a seeding one-try speedrun that is to be performed before the start of the tournament. This will entail a 1P all-cups speedrun* in which all character classes have to be used once. There are 4 cups and 4 character classes / pairs (1: Mario/Luigi; 2: Princess/Yoshi; 3: Bowser/DK Jr.; 4: Koopa/Toad). Which character class is used for which cup is entirely up to the player. If a player fails to perform a seeding speedrun, they will be unseeded and thus placed beneath all seeded players in the seeding list.

- Once a match pairing has been established, players will generally have until the end of the following week (Sunday night) to play their match. This deadline will be enforced more strictly for matches that represent a bottleneck for the tournament's progression.

* For seeding speedruns we will schedule a community event with the goal to have as many tournament participants streaming simultaneously as possible; the exact time and date for this will be announced later. It is encouraged for all players to join this, but of course it will be possible / allowed to perform your seeding run at another moment if you happen to be unavailable for the community-wide one.

Match rules:

We have proposed two different rulesets for the character class usage aspect of this tournament and would like some community feedback before deciding which one is to be used. The two options are [WEIGHT CLASSES] and [CHARACTERS]. More info below:


Match rules:

- Every match will be a first-to-three (best-of-5).
- Each point is decided based on the fastest completion of a single cup.
- The timing for each cup starts at menu activation (pressing B on the title screen) and ends upon crossing the finish line of the last track of the cup.
- Players are allowed to prepare their menus before starting a cup.
- The selection of cups and weight classes will go as detailed below. The players can't pick the same weight class again unless they have played with all other weight classes.

*CUP #1
- The lower-seeded player removes one cup.
- The higher-seeded player picks one cup and their weight class.
- The lower-seeded player picks their weight class.

*CUP #2
- The loser of CUP #1 picks one of the two remaining cups and their weight class.
- The winner of CUP #1 picks their weight class.

*CUP #3
- The remaining cup is selected
- The winner of CUP #2 picks their weight class.
- The loser of CUP #2 picks their weight class.

*CUP #4 (if needed)
- The removed cup is played
- The winner of CUP #3 picks their weight class.
- The loser of CUP #3 picks their weight class.

*CUP #5 (if needed)
- The winner of CUP #4 bans one cup.
- The loser of CUP #4 picks one cup and their weight class.
- The winner of CUP #4 picks their weight class.


Match rules:

- Every match will be a first-to-three (best-of-5).
- Each point is decided based on the fastest completion of a single cup.
- The timing for each cup starts at menu activation (pressing B on the title screen) and ends upon crossing the finish line of the last track of the cup.
- Players are allowed to prepare their menus before starting a cup.
- The selection of cups and characters will go as detailed below. The players can't pick the same character again.

*CUP #1
- The lower-seeded player removes one cup.
- The higher-seeded player picks one cup and their character.
- The lower-seeded player picks their character.

*CUP #2
- The loser of CUP #1 picks one of the two remaining cups and their character.
- The winner of CUP #1 picks their character.

*CUP #3
- The remaining cup is selected
- The winner of CUP #2 picks their character.
- The loser of CUP #2 picks their character.

*CUP #4 (if needed)
- The removed cup is played
- The winner of CUP #3 picks their character.
- The loser of CUP #3 picks their character.

*CUP #5 (if needed)
- The winner of CUP #4 bans one cup.
- The loser of CUP #4 picks one cup and their character.
- The winner of CUP #4 picks their character.


Please let us know in the Tournaments #discussion channel which ruleset you find the most appealing. Or alternatively if you think that using different character classes is a bad idea altogether, we would like to know that as well, just in case that this represents the majority. You can also vote by reacting to the Discord post with the corresponding emote, but please only vote if you are planning to join the tournament.

Challonge link to the Tournament Page


This summer the SMK Championship are making a return (17th-21st of August 2021)!  8)

We are proud to announce that registrations for #CDESMK2021 are open!  :D

Pour lire l'intégralité de ce message en français: http://www.ffsmk.org/?id=46&comments=1&lang=fr

After extensive deliberation, the IASMK has decided that this summer’s SMK tournament, to be held at Alphen Aan Den Rijn's Esports Game Arena, will be labeled a European SMK Championship (CDE). This will be the 2nd European Championship in the history of our event series, after the first CDE was held back in 2008. Due to the global situation and enduring travel restrictions this summer, the possibility of a World Championship (CDM) was never under consideration. However we are very thankful that a sufficient number of European players will be able to attend and have already pre-registered for this event.

The event agenda can be found here: http://www.ffsmk.org/?task=agenda
The event rules can be found here: http://www.ffsmk.org/?task=rules 
Join the discord channel dedicated to the championship to share with community members and challenge your rivals! https://discord.gg/kVrFzn3Srn

Note that registration for this event is required. If people are bringing any extras, they also have to register, even if they will not be participating.
We encourage you all to register before August 1st, 2021. The pandemic is still affecting our plans and freedoms in an ever changing way, so we will be lenient with last minute registrations. Registrations will be kept track of via the FFSMK website again (http://www.ffsmk.org/?task=participants).

The registration form can be found here:

The event costs are 15 Euros per day, including the ceremony + free play day (Saturday 21st). Saturday tickets are mandatory if you participate in more than 2 modes (people are actually expected to pick up their medals and prizes). Optionally you can also sign up for a restaurant quality lunch + dinner for 15 Euros per day, thanks to our very generous sponsor (and community member) Lars! :goldmario: Note that Saturday there will only be a lunch (7.50 Euros). Finally, IASMK will charge 5 euros to cover organizational costs and benefit the future sustainability of these events. Once you have submitted the Google Registration form you will get an email from the organization with an invoice + payment details. 

Some typical examples of a CDE package:
-Full event without food deal: 15(*5) + 5 = 80€
-Full event with food deal: 30(*4) + 22.50 + 5 = 147.50€
-Single day ticket: 15 + 5 = 20€
-Single day ticket with food: 30 + 5 = 35€
-Spectating all days with food deal: 15(*4) + 7.50 + 5 = 72.50€

Again, if you are bringing any extra people, please have them fill in the registration form too. Especially if they want to make use of the food package (lunch + dinner) of de Beren.

Please let us know via the form what day / time you will arrive. We strongly encourage people to arrive Monday evening (especially those traveling from abroad), because the event is projected to start with an opening lunch at 13:00 (TT is projected to start at 16:00). Please also inform us if you can bring any equipment (SNES set-up + SMK + TVs) and finally if you require any assistance in finding a place to sleep.

We have all been looking forward to experience an SMK Championship again, let’s all enjoy and celebrate the community and its favourite game!  <3

CDM 2021 / SMK PAL Championships 2021 (CDE/SMKAS part 2)?!
« le: 29 mars 2021, à 19:38:56 »
First off, sorry for the English message, but DeepL is your friend!  ;) https://www.deepl.com/en/translator

Hello fellow karterrrs!

It’s almost April already and no news about a potential SMK PAL Championships this summer. The reasons are obvious to anyone, it’s just very hard to plan any kind of meet-up involving more than 5 people while the COVID pandemic has not been resolved. However, there is reason for cautious optimism (vaccinations!). We as IASMK are planning to set the wheels into motion for a PAL SMK Championships in August, in the style of CDM/CDE/SMKAS. It probably will not surprise you when I say there are a lot of uncertainties, but we can at least share the provisional concept we’re aiming for.

Location: Esports game arena (very likely the most suitable location, assuming they’ve reopened and are allowed to organize an event for an arbitrarily large number of people)

Dates: 3rd week of August as usual (16th-21st August). Just so people that are interested can take those dates off.

Rules: Here is the document for the tournament: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/423885073285251074/825734832293806110/CDM_rules.txt

In all likelihood this will NOT be a full-fledged CDM (due to some intercontinental traveling restrictions expected to still be in place), but if this event takes place it will be the de facto SMK PAL championships of 2021; very much like SMKAS turned out to be for 2020 in retrospect. Whether we will call this a CDE (and count it for the official Championnat statistics) or a SMKAS part 2 is still up in the air and also depends on how the community decides to view the event to take place. There may still be a limited cap on how many people are allowed to participate, though this is impossible to predict in advance. The normal year CDM cap is 64 btw.
If you have any questions or remarks, please let us know. We’ll try to set the wheels in motion with the Esports arena soon (fingers crossed they survived the pandemic in ok health, both literally and figuratively).

Karel on behalf of the IASMK

Time for an IASMK announcement!
Are you all ready for some good (SMK related) news in 2020?!

First of all, the 2020 CDM in Gasny is currently set to go ahead at the 19th to 25th of October dates! It looks like European borders are slowly reopening, so with a little optimism this project is looking more and more feasible to us at the moment.* More news regarding registrations etc. soon! So if you haven’t booked the time off, please do so now! :etoile:  <3 8)
*still there is the disclaimer that we cannot predict the future in the year of 2020, I don't think I need to explain any further.  :-[

Secondly, I am happy to announce a new event: Super Mario Kart All-Stars! This is a surprise event taking place this summer in Alphen at the Esports Game Arena on the originally proposed CDM dates: 18-22 August.

Many thanks to Thomas from Esports Game Arena for coming up with this idea; he is planning a very festive week with a complete Super Mario Kart theme. Some of the mayhem will include an indoor radio controlled kart circuit, as in the picture at bottom of post!  :goldmario: :silvermario: :etoile: :champi:

Full details will follow at a later point, but I will outline the general idea below. There will be some clear similarities to a CDM event, but also some clear differences.
-Starting with the similarities: this event will be an official IASMK tournament and the agenda will have a very CDM-like structure (all game modes across 3.5 days of competition). The event is also internationally oriented in the sense that it is open to anyone who wants to and can make it.
-Following with the differences: There will be a maximum number of 32 participants (first come first served basis!), so the playing field will be smaller. Realistically, due to the COVID situation we are expecting far fewer players from abroad, therefore it will likely not be at a CDM level of competition. The lower number of participants will give us the option to be a little more experimental with tournament formats, for example the Knock-Out stages will be double elimination and the group stage will likely be played according to a Swiss system. Obviously, because of the reasons mentioned above SMK All-Stars will not count for any official historical CDM rankings. It is an event just for the fun and glory.

Players that are interested can buy tickets via the Esports Game Arena ticket shop, there are 2 options:
-Package 1: Participation to SMK All-Stars, includes lunch and dinner served by Lars’ restaurant de Beren for the price of 140 euros: https://www.esportsgamearena.nl/product/smk-all-stars-2020-pakket-1/
-Package 2: Participation to SMK All-Stars, but no lunch and dinners included for 75 euros: https://www.esportsgamearena.nl/product/smk-all-stars-2020-pakket-2/

Lars is still kind enough to sponsor us with a discount, but obviously he has also taken a hit with the crisis this year so he could not offer completely the same deal as last year. Personally I think he is a hero for still offering us this deal. :etoile:

Some closing remarks:
-We are not expecting 32 participants, but if we do get to that number the tickets will be sold out (first come first served). Take note that almost all (semi) active Team NL members have stated that they will sign up already, so that’s provisionally 10-15 tickets taken right off the bat.
-I will try to figure out whether purchasing daily tickets will be possible.
-Our sign-up deadline will be Friday the 14th of August. Because we are announcing this news so late and conditions around the COVID restrictions are subject to change we will be more flexible with planning.
-Hotels and Airbnbs and such will have to be arranged by the participants themselves. It should be easier than normal with ‘tourism’ expected to be quite low and not as many participants as during a CDM.
-Finally, Ive been made aware that currently the ticketing system is only set-up to serve Dutch residents. This will be fixed as soon as possible.

Any questions please let me know!  :)

Hello all,

It's time to provide you all with an update on the planning for CDM 2020 and how it's influenced by the ongoing COVID19 situation.
Unfortunately, the originally planned dates in August are not going to work out:( The mayor of Gasny has communicated with us that there are too many uncertain aspects relating to the ongoing COVID outbreak. Basically, at the moment of writing August is too short term to be realistic. We as organizers completely agree with this sentiment, the health of everyone in our community should always be the top priority, needless to say. Moreover, it's likely that the international borders will still be closed to some extent over this summer.

With that sad announcement out of the way, Gros Dédé checked for venue availability later in the year and has come up with two alternative weeks:
*from 19th to 25th of October
*from 13th to 20th of December

These weeks are chosen in correspondence with public sector holidays in which we expect the largest proportion of people to be available for a full week.
In fact, this may only really be the case for the October option as that is actually a public holiday. The one potential drawback of the October option is that it might still be too early in terms of the developing COVID outbreak. This is why we prefer to have both these options still open for the moment.

Anyway, let's discuss these dates below and find out together what the preferred option is. I hope you will all understand that we will leave the definitive decision until we have the necessary information. In fact we expect that any final decision will almost certainly have to be relatively late / close to the actual dates, because any real long term planning is pretty much off the table at the moment.

To end on a positive note, we as IASMK and the Gasny organizing team believe that the 2020 CDM can still happen, hope dies last!  :D  <3

Karel on behalf of the IASMK and the Gasny organizing team!

Firstly, the IASMK panel has decided that the CDM 2020 is to be held in Gasny!  :D

There, the cat is out of the bag (finally).... ;D
The decision to go with Gasny for 2020 was done after much deliberation and discussion behind the scenes regarding the viability of the proposal (mostly in terms of housing and internet facilities). Importantly, we believe that the biggest issues have now been resolved. Many thanks especially to Gros_Dede, Adrien, Sami and Lafungo (but also to others who contributed to these discussions) for either asking the right questions or answering them adequately.
Secondly, I feel like I should write that we're genuinely sorry for all the Alphen afficionados  :-[ (I know Alphen CDMs made a lot of fans  <3 People like Paul O'Kelly, I really hope you can still join us for 2020); hopefully it can be of some consolation to state that I'm confident we will return there for other years.

The decision to go with Gasny was supposed to be communicated earlier and my apologies for personally being part of the problem in this delay. My only excuse of sorts is that I was struggling a little bit to adjust to the new reality that hit us after the ongoing SARS COVID 19 outbreak. I believe I'm stating the obvious when I write that probably all of us have already been affected by this (though hopefully so far in a minor indirect way).

Keeping all that in mind, right off the bat we feel it is very important to realize that every plan that we have for CDM 2020 is ultimately at the mercy of the developing virus outbreak situation and how our governments choose to handle it. As far as we see it there are 3 possible scenarios, of which the first 2 are obviously the most desirable outcomes:

-Scenario A: CDM happens at the planned dates (Aug 18-22) in Gasny
-Scenario B: CDM happens in the October – December period in Gasny (discussions will take place to pinpoint the exact dates when this scenario becomes reality)
-Scenario C: CDM 2020 is cancelled as restrictions for meetings and traveling last longer than anticipated

Sadly, as it stands now we can’t rule out scenario C. But from an organizing perspective we have to be ready for the reality of scenario A and act accordingly. This means opening up registration pages, setting people up with accommodations and just altogether getting the ball rolling. Importantly, for the moment we will assume a 50 people registration cap, but let’s hope regulations will have loosened up more by the time summer rolls on and we can have it at 64 like normal. We will publically reassess in the month of June whether scenario A is still viable or whether scenario B needs to be activated and discussed.

One very important disclaimer is that once registrations and payments have been made and thereafter Scenario C happens, people WILL of course get all their money back. Also if Scenario B happens and they cannot attend those later dates for whichever reason (it may be harder to get a full week off later in the year, etc.).

Finally, we know that several people have indicated their concerns regarding the accommodations in Gasny, but we as an organization believe these issues are all possible to resolve without too many problems. If you are one of the people worried about this, please get in touch with one of us (via forum, Discord PM, email, or whatever really) and it will be taken care of. Adrien, Gros_Dede, Sami and me will make sure you can get the custom solution to your housing situation that you require. Crucially these options may not all be very easily findable via Google (especially if you don’t speak French) and this is why Adrien and/or Gros_Dede will automatically email you upon registration to ask what kind of accommodation you need / are looking for. Options range from sleeping at the venue, airBnBs, hotels, campsite and sleeping at the locals. I personally deemed the latter option unrealistic to begin with, but have since changed my stance. Some of these options come with their own access keys and cost nothing (or very close to nothing). Also don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your traveling plans. Detailed traveling proposals will be posted soon; it’s relatively easy to get to the nearest train station, but thereafter you may need a small lift to actually get to Gasny. Again, we expect a sufficient number of people will have cars. This is the way it has always been handled for basically every CDM that wasn't in la Suze, Strasbourg or Alphen; therefore we are not foreseeing insurmountable obstacles on the traveling front either. Like with the housing, the Gasny organizing team will contact you upon registration to help you with arranging your traveling itinerary.

Anyhow, I am personally already very much looking forward to this summer: let's all cross our fingers that the world returns to normal sooner rather than later and that the CDM will be a huge highlight in the year, like it has always been ever since 2002! 8) We expect the registration pages to be up soon (thanks in advance to the always reliable ScouB) and we hope to see you all there!  <3

Karel on behalf of the IASMK and the Gasny organizing team!

Battle Mode / Narnet Party!
« le: 31 janvier 2020, à 13:16:45 »
This Winter Cup has given the world Narnet party: the best thing to come out of Battle Mode in years.  O0
Thanks to David Moll for coming up with this glorious idea!  :eclair:

Rules of engagement:
-KILL Narnet within 3 minutes. >:D
-He can't use items.
-Fastest time wins.

Additional rule for the whole party: Narnet 'wins' if he survives more than he gets killed.


CDM 2020 / CDM 2020 Decision Proposal
« le: 28 janvier 2020, à 10:57:53 »
Hello everyone, announcement time!
To start us off, as already reported, the CDM 2020 dates have been confirmed for the week of 18-22 August. No matter whether the Gasny or Alphen bid ends up being selected. 

As scheduled, we had a long chat about the CDM 2020 proposals at Winter Cup. Representing the Gasny bid were Adrien & Gros_Dede. Representing the IASMK were Patrick, FF and me (and Anton representing ScouB’s place). Patrick, Lafungo and me also represented the Alphen bid, so we were in effect wearing two caps. Though this can be hard, of course we tried our best to remain as objective as possible throughout the discussions taking place. There was a lot of input from others as well (Neo & Sophie for instance) and pretty much everyone present had a say. Also in the discussions on the forum and on WhatsApp leading up to the Winter Cup event. 

Adrien and some of the other French players present explained that the costs of the Alphen deal (it being in a bar and lack of camping options) are preventing core community members who are low on funds from attending. However, we explained if Alphen is chosen again campers can be reassured that there is a campsite option (Didier Bigot stayed there in 2018). The distance to the Esports game arena is 4 km. Adrien also explained that even though they respect the IASMK mission to continue more down the Esports road* in the future, they would love to give it one last shot at a traditional countryside CDM. We as IASMK understand and respect these concerns and wishes; and as individuals all of us have reserved a warm place in our hearts for what the old school CDM experience represents. That is not to dismiss the Alphen experience at all btw, which in our view manages to retain a good mix of these old values and adding some new ones to the mix. But it is undeniable that the Gasny venue and location can provide an atmosphere that is impossible to recreate in a gaming bar in a city.

From the IASMK side we explained what we view as the big remaining issues with the Gasny deal, detailing our concerns about stream stability and housing. Thankfully Adrien & Gros_Dede managed to relieve a good few of these concerns, explaining which issues can certainly be overcome and what still needs to be investigated. Therefore, Adrien & Gros_Dede proposed to investigate if these remaining challenges can be overcome and will report back to everyone in a few weeks. Both parties have agreed (at Adrien’s suggestion) that the final decision will be made by the IASMK. If their report is positive and is sufficiently convincing, we as the IASMK feel that the Gasny bid will be the option to go for in 2020, with the disclaimer that we as a bureau determine what is sufficiently convincing. 

Let us briefly detail the remaining concerns to be addressed by team Gasny in the coming period:

For starters the 4G connection in Gasny is exceptionally good (especially for the countryside) and will allow 780p streams (1080p is overkill for a SNES game like SMK). The main remaining issue however is connection stability (which is notoriously problematic with wireless connections). All CDM participants will connect via a different dedicated WiFi channel as to not clutter up the connection (or they can use their own 4G, provided that does not interfere with the stream connection). As for connection stability, we can theorize about it at length, but that just needs to be tested. Adrien and Gros_Dede will perform exhaustive streaming tests in the coming weeks on location to verify that the upload connection can remain stable enough for a viable stream (that is, no endless buffering or stream cuts every ~20 minutes or less).

A good proportion of the CDM regulars nowadays expects / demands a private place to sleep in the form of a hotel or AirBnB. As Lafungo’s post in the forum topic last Thursday pointed out, there may not be a sufficient number of affordable rooms to book nearby the Gasny venue. Adrien & Gros_Dede will make an in depth investigation in the coming weeks to check how many rooms we can actually expect to get. They can for example call all the local establishments and get more in detail answers than you can get from a mere online investigation. Also, Gros_Dede explained that the ‘staying at the locals’ option may not be as impractical as it may seem at first glance. A good number of these deals has the guests staying in distinct compartments of the house, with individual, separate access keys. In other words there will be no need to bother the owners at 2AM in the night after a good few beers down the chimney… ;D
We expect a full report on how many such constructions are and will remain available (where we are independent of interaction with families for daily access), how we can make use of these facilities (where as foreigners do we sign up for this for example?) and what the costs will be. Same for the hotels: how many rooms, can we get a guarantee on availability (up to a reasonable deadline) and costs for the different options?

Small reminder that for the people that are camping minded, there is a camping nearby and in principle there is room for EVERYONE to sleep at the venue itself (which has a functioning shower), provided people bring their own sleeping gear. So that’s always a very nice backup option to keep in mind.

Decision process:
We as the IASMK panel have sensed that having a community vote to decide whether we will go with the Gasny or Alphen bid is not the way go this time around. Such votes and the campaigning and discussions surrounding it seem to sow discord in the community, rather than bringing it closer together. Quite a few people I have spoken to in the past year or so have shared this sentiment with me in private, wishing to go back to the days where person X just announces where the CDM is to be held that year. So that is the way it will be, though we will always try to keep everyone’s interests in mind. Also as stated before both parties that made a bid have agreed with this course of action. It is important to stress that this is not going to be a dictatorial decision. There needs to be agreement within the IASMK (Patrick, Lars, FF, ScouB and me) and if there is significant community feedback we can adjust accordingly.

Adrien & Gros_Dede will explore if the Gasny bid can overcome the remaining challenges in the coming weeks and will report back to us before the end of February. Thereafter the IASMK will decide where the CDM 2020 will be held.

*Our mission with IASMK is absolutely NOT to go full Esports with SMK CDM, we do not have the desire or delusion to become rich and famous gaming superstars. But we do strive for optimizing exposure via stream(s) and media coverage to reach potential new (young) recruits that can fill the ranks for future CDMs. To this end we will ask whether we can use the Esports Game Arena Twitch channel even if the CDM event might take place in Gasny (as it’s a partnered Twitch channel with mainpage pull), under the expressed intent that we will return to the EGA in 2021 (with better negotiating conditions as we have a viable alternative).

CDM 2020 / CDM 2020 Proposal: Alphen 3rd Strike!
« le: 06 décembre 2019, à 13:17:12 »
Proposed dates: Tuesday 18th of August – Saturday the 22nd of August

Thomas has already agreed with those dates and has reserved the venue of us. That doesn’t mean that we can no longer take a different week. It just means we are currently aiming for that week. Several people, including both the Australians (Sumner and Chum) have already indicated they can only make it to CDM 2020 if it’s later in August.
It may come as no surprise that a third CDM in Alphen would be very much like the previous editions. We have developed a smooth operation together with the Esports arena staff and the conditions we secured for CDM 2019 will hold up again (meaning venue exclusivity etc.). Some general points below, largely based on the 2019 edition.

I am planning to renegotiate the costs of using the venue (+studio + material +staff). Last year we paid 12.50 per participant per day. Which is still ok if that’s the deal we have for 2020 as well, but I’ll ask if we can drop it to 10.
Like last year the Esports arena will have a deal with the local Avifauna van der Valk hotel. It came down to 35 euro pppn for the hotel stay based on a minimum of 3 people per room (4 nights). The hotel deal is optional, there are also places in Alphen to arrange your own stay (airbnbs and such).
-Venue / staff:
We’ll have bar services like last year. Esports staff will run the bar throughout the event. They will also help with assembly and disassembly,ensure the venue opens and closes, provide an event manager for all days and promote the event through all their channels.
Last summer Lars Nouwen was offering a deal that cost 8,50€/day for lunch and dinner. We will get a similar deal this year, details to be discussed and confirmed when CDM 2020 will indeed take place in Alphen.   
Type of food: Burgers+fries, Pasta+sate, Steaks (and veggies options will be available of course), Risottos
The Esports arena has the best internet connection available in the Netherlands, pretty much.
We will stream on the Esports arena Twitch channel as before. We will have a dedicated stream manager that will help with the stream setup and overlays. Example of stream 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo9ikEAlWtc&list=PL3vsjKGheWCwmfBaBPLo3qQ9GaZSqbJus
Last year we had prizes from several sources, including Nintendo NL (that provided a Nintendo Switch) and several local establishments (including a local car dealer, arcade hotel, game mania and more). This year the Esports arena has hired someone that is focused on actively getting sponsorships for the events they are running. Thomas expects this to pay off in the form of even better sponsorship deals for CDM 2020! :)
One of the biggest issues with CDM 2019 was the lack of sufficient quality TVs. We had enough but most of them were quite bad. The goal for this year is to have 32 (nearly) identical CRT TVs. I have already started collecting Sony Trinitron TVs. Plan B is to use TVs from a shared pool that is currently being used by Dutch Smash Bros tournaments and the Benelux Speedrun Gathering (former NLG). Lars has already spoken to them and the TVs are sufficient quality for weekly tournaments in Smash, meaning they have eliminated any frustratingly busted TVs from their usage pool already.
-Public transport connection:
Venue is in the middle of a city, close to a train station (10 minutes walking distance). The bus from Schiphol airport takes 30 minutes to get to Alphen. Train is also an option.

For those who didn’t attend the last 2 CDMs, you can visit the arena's website: https://esportsgamearena.nl/over-ons/
It's in Dutch but there are pictures. Also if you want to see CDM specific pictures, check the galleries here: http://www.ffsmk.org/?task=results&year=2018&show=photos & http://www.ffsmk.org/?task=results&year=2019&show=photos

Esimated costs (these were the costs for 2019, this is subject to decrease if better sponsorships become available):
-Including hotel: 240 euros
-Without hotel: 100 euros

If there are any questions or remarks about this proposal please ask them in this topic and we’ll be happy to answer them.

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Karterrrrs: the time to start planning for the CDM 2020 is upon us!  8) The first and most urgent question that needs to be answered is: where will the CDM 2020 be held? The purpose of this topic is to ask for any CDM 2020 proposals to be made in this section of the forum in the coming weeks.

First off, in case you’re wondering why I am now the person posting this topic and asking these questions, I reference you to Sophie’s FFSMK resignment message of several months ago: Patrick, Lars, FF, ScouB and me are now representing a new International Association of SMK (IASMK). I quoted some important bits of her post below, as a reminder of what was already communicated in the aftermath of CDM 2019. Sorry to those of you that don’t read French (google translate is your friend).

le lendemain de la cérémonie, on a eu longuement le temps de discuter avec Karel, Patrick, Neo et Lafungo. Sachez que Karel et Patrick sont ultra chauds pour incarner le nouveau duo présidentiel et vu leur implication dans la communauté et leurs compétences fantastiques en organisation et en gestion du CDM, c'est un immense soulagement de les voir si motivés.
Côté trésorerie, Lars Nouwen, du resto De Beren, a été enchanté de se retrouver impliqué dans le CDM et se propose de gérer les comptes de l'asso. Vu comment vont ses affaires, je suis ultra tranquille quant à sa rigueur.


Puisque le bureau vivrait principalement aux Pays-Bas, c'est sans doute l'heure de l'évolution de l'asso pour assumer pleinement son côté international. La FFSMK deviendrait IFSMK (ou AISMK, â voir) et serait basée là-bas. FF va garder les archives papiers des années précédentes chez lui et on va scanner les modèles nécessaires pour que Karel et Patrick aient un modèle sur lequel se baser. Le site ffsmk existera toujours et sera le relais francophone des infos et inscriptions et la mémoire des championnats. Le forum bien sûr reste également. Pour le nom du site, Scoub m'a confirmé que l'url pourra être changé comme c'est déjà le cas pour la chaîne youtube, ça nous permettra d'uniformiser tous nos supports de communication. Quant à FF, il m'a confirmé être toujours là pour être le dieu de la technique, où que ce soit.


Notez bien que cela ne signifie en aucun cas un adieu aux CDM organisés en France. Tant que les projets soumis remplissent le "cahier des charges" (un chouette lieu, facile d'accès, avec des logements décents à proximité en nombre suffisant, et une bonne connexion internet), le CDM peut évidemment bouger.

In very short summary, the new IASMK team is ‘hosted’ in the Netherlands, but that doesn’t mean that a CDM held outside the borders of the Netherlands is completely off the table. Obviously we have a good deal with Alphen in place and we can return there for the CDM 2020. I already spoke to Thomas and his Esports arena team and they are very much on board and want us back in 2020. :) For logistic reasons alone (but not only because of that) you will probably understand that we as the IASMK team consider Alphen the default option. That said we remain open to any other suggestions / CDM bids. As long as the bid fulfills a couple of very basic ingredients that are required for a succesful CDM.

The very basic ingredients that would make us consider a proposal are:
-Spaceous enough to host at least 64 attendees
-Good quality internet connection (optical fibre landline; no Wifi, 4G etc.)
-Affordable and abundant housing / hotel / airbnb options nearby
-A source for meals & drinks throughout the event (either via sponsorship or payment deals)
-Good venue traveling connection by public transport from the airport for international travelers

Big bonus (close to being a requirement):
- 32 CRT TVs available without having to transport them halfway across the country

So if you have a detailed idea that you think is going to be just awesome and it meets the above requirements, please speak up soon! The CDM 2020 proposal submission deadline will be the 19th of January 2020. This would mean that we can discuss and decide on a definitive CDM 2020 venue during the Fun Cup weekend, which will be attended by a good chunk of core community members. If you’re not attending Fun Cup you can obviously also have a say in things, we will also use this forum, the Discord and other means of communications for this discussion when necessary / applicable.

We will post the Alphen 2020 proposal on this forum soon.


Karel on behalf of the IASMK

CDM 2019 / SMK World Championships 2019 Highlight Montage
« le: 22 novembre 2019, à 09:54:38 »
Magnificent video produced by GoombaNL (MKDD world champion), enjoy!  O0

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXJ2YP-hNxQ" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXJ2YP-hNxQ</a>

CDM 2019 / Qui sera le vainqueur du CDM 2019 ?
« le: 13 mai 2019, à 16:59:00 »
And finally, who will win the whole effing CDM!?!  :goldcup: :goldcup: :goldcup:

CDM 2019 / Qui sera le vainqueur du GP en 2019 ?
« le: 13 mai 2019, à 16:35:49 »
Who wins the king of modes?  O0

My predictions will follow later.

CDM 2019 / Qui sera le vainqueur du BM en 2019 ?
« le: 13 mai 2019, à 16:18:33 »
2019 the malédiction will continue yes or no?

Will post my predictions later.

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