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Discussion générale / Karter Contest 2018
« le: 13 juin 2018, à 23:29:00 »
Ces concours sont toujours truqués

Discussion générale / Gifs SMK
« le: 09 juin 2018, à 13:39:08 »
Proof that Battle Mode ability is transferable across to other mario karts

Discussion générale / Karter Contest 2018
« le: 18 mai 2018, à 15:33:58 »
Voter Moll

Mario Kart 64 / Croatia 2018
« le: 11 mai 2018, à 22:06:09 »

Just in case anyone might want to come and doesn't know about it but this years European mk64 meet will be in Zargreb, Croatia 3rd - 8th July.

More info on the english board: http://www.mariokart64.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1515245814

Would be nice to see someone from France/Belgium/Switerland (did I miss any other French speaking places people from cdm come from?) attend one day.

Hi, few quick questions:

1) Is there a hotel nearby for those that do not want/like to stay in the hostel? I ask also because you say the hostel is a taxi ride away and I may need to go back to sleep/rest before the end of the night some days (medical issues) so would prefer to stay near the venue (not too bothered about cost).
2) If no hotel nearby, are any people planning on doing an airbnb (and by that I mean responsible people who won't get kicked out every night).
3) Is there a food/drinks menu for the bar, just so I can see what kind of beers they sell and the prices (so I would know how much money to bring). I take it we would only be allowed the drinks the sell at the bar and not be able to bring in our own?

Discussion générale / Speculations on the real age of Narnet
« le: 15 mars 2018, à 20:02:30 »
You guys are only just scratching the surface.

The real truth is that Narnet has been around since at least the very beginning of the Universe, and some say he even predates this.

Look carefully at the cosmic microwave background and you can clearly see evidence of Narnet from the early stages of the universe:

CDM 2018 / Présentation candidature hollandaise – CDM 2018
« le: 25 janvier 2018, à 20:13:12 »
Is there anywhere nearby (that doesn't go away all August on holiday every year) to get a decent meal?

CDM 2017 / Les Lots - CDM2017
« le: 08 août 2017, à 12:51:18 »
Vu qu'on attend la réponse de Nintendo, je ne peux évidemment pas répondre à ça.

notre contact nintendo viens de répondre (ou plutôt sa messagerie) qu'il était de retour le 21 aout..  :fantome:

back on the 21st... maybe he is planning to come to cdm and give everybody a switch.

CDM 2017 / Amélioration pour 2017
« le: 26 juin 2017, à 12:42:47 »
All I did was ask a question how 3 tracks would work (total time or best 2 out of 3).

CDM 2017 / Amélioration pour 2017
« le: 23 juin 2017, à 23:23:56 »
So would it be total time over the 3 courses or just first player to 2 wins?

Sessions SMK / CDB 2017
« le: 11 juin 2017, à 17:19:40 »
Sounds like you all had a good time, and congrats to Sophie on the win  :goldcup:

CDM 2017 / Championnat du monde de Super Mario Kart 2017
« le: 01 juin 2017, à 12:24:49 »
Thanks Tif, that explains why the big gap in trains that day. Do you know if places will be open in Le Mans on the bank holiday (like bars) as will have a 2.5hr wait there, in England on bank holidays all those kinda places are open but I have no idea about France?

CDM 2017 / Championnat du monde de Super Mario Kart 2017
« le: 01 juin 2017, à 02:20:13 »
I've been looking into trains and from what I can see the only trains from Le Mans to La Suze on Tues 15th Aug are:

12:34 arrives 12:47
17:47 arrives 18:00

Since the 12:34 is too early (no eurostar/train combo can get to Le Mans for that time) and the 17:47 arrives after the scheduled start of the event (schedule says 17:00 opening ceremony) and wouldn't leave any time to go to campsite/hotel etc. before the time trials groups are scheduled to start (18:15). I'm guessing quite a few people will have this issue. Any chance the scheduled start can be pushed back a couple of hours?

CDM 2017 / CDM 2017 - Joueurs envisageant de dormir à l'hôtel
« le: 14 mars 2017, à 00:07:18 »
Any update on this?

CDM 2017 / Championnat du monde de Super Mario Kart 2017
« le: 03 février 2017, à 21:44:41 »
ntsc would be more fun than pal, would love the cdm to do the multiplayer in ntsc

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