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CDM 2020 / CDM 2020 Decision Proposal
« le: 05 mars 2020, à 16:45:37 »
Adrien sent me an email with details this weekend (before the deadline). All will be reviewed and discussed in the coming days. We'll hopefully make a big announcement this week!  ;)

Hi Karel, as discussed please take your time, lots going on at the moment.

CDM 2020 / CDM 2020 Decision Proposal
« le: 02 mars 2020, à 13:22:46 »
My quick op...

Although I can see how much hard work and planning has gone into the Gasny proposal, the accommodation and travel possibilities are extremely offputting no matter how you look at it.

Extremely good point by Adam I have to agree, and many do share the same thoughts, but still I hope there would be a positive turnaround with full details for every single accommodation. At least then those who want to attend can; and need to book the limited accommodations quickly before they go.

Adrien & Gros_Dede will explore if the Gasny bid can overcome the remaining challenges in the coming weeks and will report back to us before the end of February. Thereafter the IASMK will decide where the CDM 2020 will be held.

Karel:  As it is already beyond the end of February, I assume there is no good news yet (or at all)? Please let us know your final decision after you have discussed. Thanks.

Bowser/Donkey / Site non-NBT (updates, corrections à apporter, ...)
« le: 10 février 2020, à 12:18:13 »
J'ai effectué il y a 2 semaines les updates de septembre et d'octobre. De ce fait, mon activité sur le site est officiellement terminée. Pour la suite, j'ai de côté quelques PRs qui m'ont été envoyés directement par mail, et il faudra aussi checker sur Discord et sur le MB les éventuels PRs à prendre en compte.

Si une personne venait à se manifester pour reprendre le flambeau, il faudra toutefois qu'elle ait de (très) bonnes connaissances en Excel et en mise à jour des pages web. Après réflexion et au vu de l'expérience passée, il n'est pas convenable de se lancer dedans si vous ne vous y connaissez pas suffisamment.

Après, pouvoir intégrer le site non-NBT dans la même base que le site de Sami pourrait être une bonne solution. À voir ce qui sera le mieux.

Just copying my reply on the main forum:

Hi Alicia, thank you so much for your continued support of the Non-NBT site, it is really appreciated. I had a discussion with Alex last year regarding a merge but unfortunately it is not an option, therefore we will stick to finding a new updater of the Non-NBT site, even if it is on a monthly basis; or more or less frequently. I will put a note on today's update and ask any willing candidates to contact you directly so you can pass on the necessary information / tools and train them how to do so. Thanks again Alicia.

CDM 2020 / CDM 2020 Decision Proposal
« le: 28 janvier 2020, à 12:50:06 »
Hi Karel and all,

Thank you for having the discussions and providing some kind of positive direction on how to handle the choice of venue for 2020.

Here are my thoughts:

1. Accommodation and Player Attendance

This is the biggest situation. In order for the Gasny plan to work, we need to make sure that there are enough accommodations for the players and they are within easy reach. From what I read last week, there were apparantly 45 places "available" but very spread out, some of them are not too far, but some of them may be further out and require cars to collect the players each day. After Lafungo's checks, it turns out that a number of them may have already been pre-booked, and the available places may only be as small as 15!? Even if it was 30... this number could shrink to 15 or less very very quickly. There are possibly French families and maybe elderly who will visit the countryside for their summer holidays and might book things early. Therefore these places which are not big hotels could disappear quickly, and only the remainder will be left between now and summer. Also, as money is an issue for everyone, not everyone will book today straight away either, some players will wait longer or even be lazy then suddenly it is too late. This is also up to the players to sort themselves out and be disciplined a bit, but if the room availability is too low then it will result in one thing. We will end up sleeping in the hall. There will be some and probably quite a few out of the total number that are happy to sleep in the hall, but for many of us, especially travelling from overseas and considering our ages not all being 20 - 25 anymore, it is probably not feasible. So we will need to rely on the rooms at accommodations.

So as an action point we will need to have an official confirmation for every single accommodation and every single room, of how many rooms they truly have available on their booking, and in their history (they will know this by looking back at their records from the previous years), what month their rooms usually sell out by on each year. They can definitely tell you "You need to book by [such and such Month] or it is possible our 1 or 2 bedrooms will be taken". This information is also needed so that we don't get to March and they say "oh yes... we are very sorry... we did have 2 rooms free yesterday but they have just been taken now". Then the promised number of rooms will suddenly change, and we are stuffed.

Due to communication difficulties also, if we do go to Gasny we will need help in arranging these accommodations if necessary. They might need to make some reservations or something in advance to hold rooms for everyone. Also some players may stay in groups of 2, 3, 4. So we need to know which rooms will be suitable for that. It will be very difficult for anyone not speaking much French to acquire something via the internet or telephone, just in case something goes wrong, and anyone is stuck in the countryside with suitcases.

Definitely if it turns out that there are not enough accommodations (less than 45 like Adrien originally thought), and only more like 15 or even 30 (which is likely to go down fast too as locals plan their summer country holidays), then the accommodation side is not suitable. A few won't mind camping and sleeping on the floor in the venue. But just in case the numbers grow big it could be possible this happens. If it ends up that we have 40 - 43 players, taking out those that will sleep at the venue on the floor, we might just, just... scrape getting by with 15 - 30 available rooms. But this is very borderline. But if a huge number of players from France travel which is likely, maybe a small amount will stay in accommodations, then around 30 or so from overseas, we need to be ready.

So it needs an absolute confirmation. Not a vague answer from any of the accommodations like "yes it should be ok", and we just accept that when it might not be.

Other than that, on a positive note, I am sure that the accommodations will all be very nice and provide everything that is needed. But there is also the transportation to get there, and make sure players don't get lost on the way. Not talking about Aron missing a train because he wanted a cigarette again, but well that could happen too. But it is easy for one of the overseas players who hadn't been to France much to take a wrong turn somewhere. There is time to plan for this anyway, but just need to think about that after the accommodation situation.

2. Internet connection

I am not a major technician when it comes to streaming, but you guys know what is required, and those who set up Alphen have provided the particular statistics to check so it can match with the minimum requirements. Apparantly the issue was on the upload side and if the stream cuts out now and then, which La Suze did a lot then it is no good. It doesn't mean that Gasny will be like this, but it is possible. If it is the case then it isn't suitable. So if thorough testing can be done and if it doesn't cut out at all like La Suze used to then that is positive. My sister and several others kept writing to me during La Suze CDMs "can you ask them to fix it, i cant see anything, it keeps cutting out". Eventually I just ignored their messages because there was no way to fix it. The 4G connection practically never worked (for me and some others). I don't mind going without that for a week. But maybe others need it. Again, it will probably work perfectly well in Gasny, and La Suze venue just had bad luck, but we need overseas players to test that as well. Going back to the streaming, players will want to watch around the world. I know some of our folk are not bothered with that but the quality and connection is important. Imagine if it was AGDQ, and the stream cut just a few times only in the whole week? Not every 20 minutes cutting out even. What would the viewers reactions be? Think of the far end audience when doing the testing. People want to watch us compete, and more will. If anything, it will get people talking about the venue which they will see on the camera too. This could put Gasny more on the map, and lead it to some growth for the future :) Alphen already has an established base as an esports venue and growing.

3. Conclusion and IASMK Decision

Definitely agree with the IASMK goals. Basically with the accommodation and internet issue, we need to get an "absolute and definite" answer and situation for it to work on every room etc. We can not leave some of the results to be "yes, this should probably be ok". It needs to be clear and cut "yes or no", "good or bad". February will be plenty of time for Adrien and Jeremy to look into this. Thanks in advance to them for their work and investigations to follow, it is very appreciated. In terms of the final decision, I would still consider a voting method at the end only on one condition. This is if the definite results back from Adrien and Jeremy are very on the borderline of passable where it might be a risk if we go to Gasny. If the results are all 100% proven to be Blue Skies and Green lights, then that is great. The IASMK can decide from there accordingly. But if it is in the middle, then a community vote might be fair then as a last resort. However this would need to be generated in a very fair way where there is no issues. Probably an e-mail vote with a maybe 2-3 people closely managing this and only previous and recent  CDM competitors (maybe those who have been present in at least 1 of the last 3-4 years for example) can take part in the vote as they will have had experience on what the recent CDMs are about and the important requirements are. Again IASMK can decide on a fair process here if it comes to that.

The last resort vote will enforce Karel's point if it comes to this situation: "It is important to stress that this is not going to be a dictatorial decision."

But before that, please also write all of your thoughts here carefully. Again the final line from Karel's post: "There needs to be agreement within the IASMK and if there is significant community feedback we can adjust accordingly."

Sorry for the long post as well, you get the idea. We look forward to hear the final answers from Adrien and Jeremy within 4 weeks and to have a great CDM together at one of the venues.  :)

CDM 2020 / CDM 2020 / SAVE THE DATES!
« le: 27 janvier 2020, à 11:15:27 »
Je suis booked the dates off de la work  :)

CDM 2020 / CDM 2020 Proposal: Gasny
« le: 21 janvier 2020, à 13:28:48 »
Thanks also Gros_Dede for the details and for Lafungo's questions.

Just some main questions in addition:

1. The main venue available all night which is great, super great... BUT... it would likely mean that finals can drag on until late hours of the night again like in the older days, unless we kept to strict timing (start at 11am etc and limit the breaks / number of rounds etc?). The only solution would be to make sure everyone is at the venue by (this - 11am?) certain time each day. This is unlikely to happen if we finish late and have a long journey back to the accommodations. Will the 9 person van be able to take 40 - 50 people back if there is no other transport after midnight? There are always players late, or worse, missing the whole day. Players will want to stay up late and drink, because it is a holiday too, a time to relax and have fun, so why not?  ;) But this problem will continue into each day and by Friday players will start to feel unwell a little, sometimes having a cold even or just generally run down. I have seen this happen for many years and yes, we can just ignore it. But I don't think we should. That said, even at Alphen, I would recommend when it is closing time, please try to be disciplined and head back to the hotel to close your eyes. It is nice to stand and chat outside a bit, but don't make it last several hours. Health is important.

2. Hotels / sleeping:

Players will be staying far away, and probably in the hotels in other towns. It will be spread out over too many locations as the numbers are likely to be 50. Staying with locals will be an issue as Lafungo pointed out, those not speaking French well may find this difficult and also for those who might need to book late. Groups of 2 or 4 or something will need to go here and there I guess. Some don't mind sleeping rough in the venue but a lot of us are getting too old for this now, especially those travelling from other continents need to have proper rest. Sleeping in the hall and "proper rest" is just not happening. It is very fun maybe but time and experience proved that. But those that are prepared to do it, can go ahead  :) Again read point 1.

3. Stream / internet:

"Adrien came to do several 4G surveys inside the room, there are excellent speeds.
Between 30 and 40 Mbit / s or the possibility of achieving between 3 and 4 streams in 1080p."

What does this compare to the statistics at Alphen / eSports bar? Only if it is a Guarantee to absolutely match with no fluctuations, then that is fine.

4. Yes, will need costs of accommodation options etc. I am sure they will be reasonable ranges, even if players will be spread out over 10+ locations and some far away.

I can't think of anything else now, the rest of the features seem really great otherwise!

Règlement / Rule changes for 2020
« le: 03 janvier 2020, à 17:19:06 »
But if we are going to extend the format why limit to 24?
To match the barrages in the 2P modes. If we want to extend KO stages beyond 24 players it should be for all modes, but that would require a separate (major) conversation. Personally I don't think that current CDM numbers warrant more than 24 players making it past GS, nor do I think there's much demand for it from people in that range.

I always guessed that if we started getting nearer the max signups of 64, then doing a Top 32 would be viable. Whatever works best.

Règlement / Rule changes for 2020
« le: 03 janvier 2020, à 11:19:38 »
TT being longer for higher coefficient is fine. As long as it has a first to x number of matches (considerable amount) in the later stages like the multiplayer modes so it isnt a sudden death deal. Whether it is the moving window or other.

The fatigue situation just needs a little adjustment. Maybe slightly (but not too much) trim the multiplayer mode lengths so it is done quicker. There was an issue last year with the French stream too so sometimes we had to run some long matches one at a time? If that is resolved it will trim a bit of time too.

The next issue with the fatigue is to do with personal discipline:

Most players did the right thing here and that's fine. But once the final matches are done please try to make your way back to the hotel and have rest. It is fun to stay up late and chat and drink and play more games until late hours. But you will wear yourselves out and a few days later you will feel it by the last day or two of CDM. I have seen this a lot every year and didn't want to say anything, but I will now. This is more of an issue if we do not use a hotel but previous venues where you can stay up till 4am if you want to - players would do this. Try to be sensible to yourselves and plan your time to rest. Then you are also not rushing up late and getting to the venue a bit late for registration. Also have a good breakfast, it will give you energy and drink plain water during the day. It is summer and warm weather and with respect I am sure you will do this anyway. But just in case you are not, keep in mind. Also if anyone is planning to drink a lot of beer / wine etc in the earlier days... I don't do it so I can't speak for your bodies, but just keep in mind if it affects you at all. Maybe consider saving it a bit more until the celebration night after the matches are over. Then enjoy and have fun  :)

It is just about planning a bit better for yourselves too.

The idea is to discuss all the official proposals at the Winter Cup taking place 25-26 January and attended by quite a few of the CDM core members.
Topic of Winter Cup: http://www.ffsmk.org/forum/index.php?topic=6462.msg196474#new

In all likelihood we will announce a definitive decision in the days following that event. So before the start of February.
Proposed CDM dates for Alphen are 18-22 August. We can 100% have the venue then, but can also still change to a different week if for some reason that would be needed. Having said that those are very likely going to be the dates, as a few members traveling from far have already specified that preference (including our resident Australians).

Of course I can't speak for venue availability (and dates) for any proposals that are not Alphen. I posted the reminder because we haven't received any sufficiently detailed counter proposals yet.

That's fine, let everyone decide what dates they prefer (if it is those or different) and the venue. By February should be cool to know. Have fun at the January Cup!

Koopa/Toad / Annoncez ici vos records du monde !
« le: 02 janvier 2020, à 15:10:52 »
I should find the WR for MC1 non-NBT, I don't know for the rest.

Hi Alicia, Happy New year, how are you?

Thanks. I think we probably had bits here and there over the years but never really tracked it, less popular as everyone would focus their hours on Bowser or D.K.Jr. Apart from GP where some have enjoyed the other characters for fun. If you can find the Mario Circuit 1 ones for Time Trial, and any others let me know here. Non-NBT and NBT would be cool if you have both. Thanks again.

I also posted in the other characters topics, but I guess it is less likely that we may have done many NTSC records in the past.

Autres persos / Records avec Mario/Luigi
« le: 02 janvier 2020, à 12:39:09 »
Hi everyone,

Similar to my question on the Toad / Koopa topic. Do you know what the NTSC records for Mario / Luigi may be, were they ever tracked in the past or just PAL mainly?

This is for both NBT and Non-NBT.


Autres persos / Records avec Yoshi/Princess
« le: 02 janvier 2020, à 12:34:31 »
Hi everyone,

Similar to my question on the Toad / Koopa topic. Do you know what the NTSC records for Princess / Yoshi may be, were they ever tracked in the past or just PAL mainly?

This is for both NBT and Non-NBT.


Koopa/Toad / Annoncez ici vos records du monde !
« le: 02 janvier 2020, à 12:32:20 »
Hi everyone, quick question do you know what the NTSC Toad / Koopa World Records are on Time Trial?

This is for both NBT and Non-NBT.

Or were they never really tracked anywhere?


Happy New Year everyone!  :D
Small reminder that for a CDM 2020 venue proposal to be considered seriously a separate forum topic needs to be posted that is dedicated to that specific project. If you do, please include all the necessary information, showing why it would be an awesome venue and that it meets all the minimal requirements (that are listed above).
Merci and see some of you at the Winter Cup soon! May 2020 be an awesome kart year for all!  :etoile:

Karel on behalf of the IASMK  :)

Hi Karel / all, happy new year again!

Will there be a sort of deadline to when the Dates and Venue will be finalised by? To avoid it dragging on to April / May before a decision is made. I guess people will want to book time off work as early as possible this year, now that it is January. Not so much important about where the venue is, but if the dates are 100% definite for Tuesday 18th to Sunday 23rd (that is correct?).

Règlement / Réforme du Time Trial
« le: 10 septembre 2019, à 08:38:40 »
TT is 1-player mode only -> coef 1.
MR, BM and GP are 2-players modes -> coef 2.

And even if TT is a mode of SMK, he's not adapted to have its own entire day. If it has a lower coef, it's because it lasts twice smaller than other modes. And to be honest, even if I was a big fan of TT, I'm not sure we'll be able to find a way to make TT attractive for everyone, if he lasts 10 hours.

Hi Alicia, how are you?  :)

That's what I was saying, if it can be made longer to cater for not having the sudden death element then it would be long enough to be coeff 2.

There's an old saying "it takes two to Tango".

See on Time Trial we still need the other person there to record the scores so it is still a little bit a 2 player affair  :)

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