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Règlement / Réforme du Time Trial
« le: 10 septembre 2019, à 08:38:40 »
TT is 1-player mode only -> coef 1.
MR, BM and GP are 2-players modes -> coef 2.

And even if TT is a mode of SMK, he's not adapted to have its own entire day. If it has a lower coef, it's because it lasts twice smaller than other modes. And to be honest, even if I was a big fan of TT, I'm not sure we'll be able to find a way to make TT attractive for everyone, if he lasts 10 hours.

Hi Alicia, how are you?  :)

That's what I was saying, if it can be made longer to cater for not having the sudden death element then it would be long enough to be coeff 2.

There's an old saying "it takes two to Tango".

See on Time Trial we still need the other person there to record the scores so it is still a little bit a 2 player affair  :)

Règlement / Réforme du Time Trial
« le: 08 septembre 2019, à 10:04:27 »
I can't believe you are all arguing over by far the most boring mode in SMK. If I had my way we'd never play TT at CDM anymore, and instead play a MM2 King of the Sponge tourno. Which would have an equal coefficient as its much better.

There should have been a CDM for MM2 already! Why hasnt one been done? Everyone would take part I'm sure. Perhaps we should do that but also keep TT on for SMK. Or even better, get rid of Battle Mode too then we can have both racing modes, MM2 and throw in Stunt Race FX  ;D  because they are all racing games after all. So there be 4 racing modes.. 4 days of CDM sorted  8)

Règlement / Réforme du Time Trial
« le: 07 septembre 2019, à 15:29:59 »
About the unequal coefficient thing, the main problem I have with it is that the arguments for it are so arbitrary. Who decides which argument merits value and should be the one argument that dictates the weighting?

Sure, TT is not a mode of direct confrontation. But why does that have to equate to it being rewarded less? There just as many arguments that one can dream up that would justify rewarding TT more instead of less. For example the total amount of time that people have invested in TT versus the other modes (in other words higher overall skill level reached). Or the decreased variance of the mode (no  :eclair:, etc.). Or the fact that TT is used by most karters as their measuring stick of improvement throughout the year. Or the fact that perhaps the majority of participants that are there are primarily TT players (Martin told me in private he wouldn't even go if there was no TT tournament). And so on and so on.

Note that I am not trying to argue that TT should have a higher coeff (deja vu to the Sarkozy post of el Nico  ;D) than the other modes, but rather I am trying to demonstrate that you can pick any old argument and twist it to whichever coefficient system you want to support*. Therefore the only fair solution is, rather obviously, shortcutting any such discussions altogether by just implementing equal coefficients for all modes. No justification one way or the other is needed, because it's just the logical standard condition to begin with.

*just 1 more example, one could write a big essay on how BM should be rewarded with more points, because you are making 10 times as many decisions per time unit, constantly having to rethink your next move, position, opponent weapon, your weapon, etc. Or completely the opposite way, you could argue BM should be rewarded less as it's not a racing mode and the primary goal of real life karting happens to be racing. Theoretically there is an endless list of considerations to make once you open the door to different weighting systems. Therefore, I suggest we do the only thing that makes any sense and just close that door for good.

Agreed with Moll and Karel

And not to worry Mike, 3/4 of the CDM is multiplayer modes and we all have the same enjoyment and fulfillment out of it every year so nothing changes or gets worse there at all.

Règlement / Réforme du Time Trial
« le: 07 septembre 2019, à 08:03:42 »
But most of all, let's not kid ourselves, without tt in smk the game would have been dead already.
It is THE reason for the vast majority to keep playing (this intensely anyay).

I don't 100% agree on this, sorry. I think it's a bit like that good old "coming for the game, staying for the people" : without Time Trial, this community would certainly not exist (and so, CDM would not exist, of course). But I think what made the competition keep on living is the multiplayer part of it.

This said, I've always advocated for TT as an equally represented mode, even when I was president of FFSMK, but knew the biggest part of the community (which turned out to be French, back in those years ;D) was strongly against it. I'm entirely OK if we finally manage to have all modes equal even if TT is a 1-player mode – after all, it's not as if that mode was full of surprises every year, eh? Since the beginning of TT at SMK championships, there have been only 8 regular medalists (including Franck's two "surprise" medals in the two first years) in 16 editions, Chris Wild being the only one able to get bronze once. The 7 others have all been part of Sami's site top 4 at some moment in the last 15 years. This means TT is not an unbalanced mode that could lead to major surprises and big unexpected points from underdogs.

So yeah, equal coefficient for all, let's roll baby!
You rate my opinions so highly that you feel the need to apologise for not 100% agreeing? :o
Anyway, its fine disagreeing, but I wanted to stress the importance off tt and the dsicrepancy between importance of tt in general versus its importance at CDM.

I also wanted to bring in another idea.
If we prolong the cay, I feel we need to give people outside the top 16 to play more as well.
Right now its half an hour for all players not qualified for top 16 and only making the format of the top 16 longer seems like a bad idea to me.

As CDM is growing and we could see the days when 60 plus players attend then a Top 32 can be created where any brackets or barrages extend to. Or at least for 24 like in the multiplayer modes.

Règlement / Réforme du Time Trial
« le: 05 septembre 2019, à 20:48:51 »
It doesn't have to be 1v1 literally it was just a throw it out there idea. Maybe it deserves to be in the trash, unless someone can make it a lot better.

Whatever it will be you guys decide and come up with some more ideas.

But in the end of the day, full equal coefficient -> some sort of more complete larger TT tournament with less sudden death element. It may yes eliminate the "Time Trial One Try" type thing and become just a "Time Trial" tournament. We do often just call it Time Trials, though when I tell people not from CDM about it, I have to clarify that it is "One Tries" which makes it very different.

If something has worked well for Mario Kart 64, take that into consideration. Maybe just look at any other differences with SMK though, track length or something?

Anyway, keep sharing any ideas :)

Règlement / Réforme du Time Trial
« le: 05 septembre 2019, à 11:15:56 »
I feel that next year is finally the year where we're gonna implement equal TT coefficients. The time is ripe for it, many karters on WhatsApp and Discord have been arguing for it and have voiced explicitly that it's nonsensical to reward TT less than the other modes.

A quote from Adam Ferguson that hits the nail on the head imo:
"Decathlon in the olympics, sorry, we know your best mode is discus, but we decided not to make that worth as much as the rest of the events"

Perhaps we need the expand to TT format a little bit to accompany this, there's plenty of time to discuss it this time around.  :D

*@Narnet, Moll & co: even with equal coefficients, this normalization for the group stage based on the number of participants would still need to be done, of course. And of course I wholeheartedly agree with results transparency. No brainer that needs to be fixed for 2020.

Make the coefficient the same like it was in ASMKC, and make Time Trial longer, more towards a full day (still not as long as the other modes though). The knockout stages can be first to x number of one tries, like the multiplayer modes have. Then a fast player won't eliminate quickly just from zoom start misses or an unfortunate crash. Unless it happens on every track, then that is their problem. Think Match Race, if it was a sudden death 1 race only for the final and someone gets a lightning... yeah enough said. Karel lol, do you remember that side Tournament in Strasbourg 2016 that guy ran, and the final was... first to 1 race  ;D on Mario Kart 8. More like Mario Kart seal-your-fate  :-X ;D

You can have a 1st vs 16th do x number of Time Trial Tracks (2nd vs 15th and so on). They just need to be sitting away from each other on TVs 1 to 16 so they cant see what their 'rival' has done on certain tracks. Each TV (player) also has to have a supervisor noting the times. It could be 5 Time Trial tracks. Then you can do the same with first to 7, 9, 11. Include barrages as well with first to 3 - 4 if you want.

With the Semi's / Finals / 3rd place I guess if it is on the double stream the updates can be done on the system quickly. Both players wont really know how their opponent is doing and it may not be clear for the audience either but they can announce quickly who has won based on totals or whatever. This would take longer meaning a near full day is needed. Just an idea, feel free to bin it and never speak of it again if you want.

I dont mind the previous two track format where we can all go bungee jumping without a bungee on Ghost Valley 3 Top 16  :P Or the last person standing format. It was nice to have a new variety of players fight it out in the Top 8 onwards as Karel, Julien and I were out in 2018 early though, but I know many didn't like certain tracks like that causing a mass elimination in a round. But just in case anyone wants to do the above instead, have a think about it? If not thats fine, scrap the idea and do something else.

Règlement / Réforme du Time Trial
« le: 04 septembre 2019, à 10:55:33 »
This issue was spotted pretty much straight away after the results file was made public, and if the results had been made public at the end of each day rather than being hidden away as they are it would very likely have been spotted during cdm itself. I really don't understand why the results are not shared with the competitors until after cdm, it makes no sense whatsoever to me.

Ok I understand. Well this definitely needs to happen next time without question, if someone can make a note.

Règlement / Réforme du Time Trial
« le: 03 septembre 2019, à 12:38:25 »
The issue, at least what I could see is that there is a parameter (on the parameters tab) to be set for number of players in the time trial mode, which wasn't set this year (it was left as the default 50 and not changed to 39) as such the TT group stage didn't ajust to a 1000 base and hence everyone got less points for TT than they should have (and it thus affected those that did well in the TT groups more, to the point that there would have been a few overall rankings changes, including 2 position swaps in the top10).

Oh...  :-\ :-X

I see... well I just had a read, I think Florent said that we just need to sort this out for 2020 since we can't go backwards. It is a shame if this affected some of the ranks.

Règlement / Réforme du Time Trial
« le: 02 septembre 2019, à 11:04:44 »
What was the problem?

I think it was just the writing down of the times from 16th - 5th or so took a bit longer than expected I think? I think Patrick suggested a solution for that but I cant remember what it was.

CDM 2019 / Qui sera le vainqueur du GP en 2019 ?
« le: 06 août 2019, à 16:58:34 »
Apparently it's not going to be very summerlike, which is fine by me. Less than 2 weeks ago it was an inferno over here, Strasbourg 2016 style (well almost...).  :-X

Good thats what I preferred, not that extreme heat from a few weeks ago.

CDM 2019 / Qui sera le vainqueur du GP en 2019 ?
« le: 06 août 2019, à 16:22:59 »
Hopefully CDM will refuel your mental tank Godfather!  :D

Thanks il be alright just went to gym to let off some steam. Is it really humid in NL at the moment? What's the weather gona be like next week?

CDM 2019 / Qui sera le vainqueur du GP en 2019 ?
« le: 06 août 2019, à 15:33:11 »
I had a feeling a reply like this was coming  ;D ;D

Sorry I am  being a misery. If I feel better later I might write nicer things. If I dont then that's ok theres always next year or 2021

CDM 2019 / Qui sera le vainqueur du GP en 2019 ?
« le: 06 août 2019, à 14:50:03 »
Tell that mofo who's not even able to answer here that he's a big coward. :carapacerouge:

This mofo is happy to be branded a coward forever and ever and ever and ever...... and ever  #DoesntCare  ;D

p.s - Scoub is gona win

As for the rest... i dunno, stuff will happen. Lets see!

« le: 17 juin 2019, à 23:03:20 »
Hello Sami,

As far as I know, your booking includes the taxi service as it is a package when booking in this hotel. I'll re-ask Thomas one more time but I'm pretty sure you guys are fine and than the 7,5€/p extra when riding at night needs to be paid when using the service, not before. :)

Thanks Sophie, yes please let me know as I booked through a completely separate website. So in theory any holiday visitors staying at the hotel could turn up and ask to use "the taxi service" and be let in. Long as our names are listed that's fine, and all good for the return fee. I guess wel arrange that there all together.

CDM 2019 / Side-tournaments on closing day
« le: 17 juin 2019, à 22:55:20 »
I used to save doing MC1 no pipe jump record attempts on the final day, but even I got bored of that.

Damn times really have changed.

It never changed, it was like that years ago. I think it was way back in 2010 or so I was even, get this... falling asleep on the chair, playing MC1 No Pipe jump and Florent came to ask me to stop. No matter how much you like something, too much is too much.

Guillaume, the 2008 Master Cup yes, I thought the same  ;D I think after that we were all like "yeah... lots not do that again..."

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