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Sessions SMK / NTSC TT 1-try Rumble: Chris vs KVD!
« le: 12 novembre 2016, à 00:31:15 »
Just a quick heads up, Chris and me will race each other at the Benelux Speedrunner Gathering tomorrow afternoon! It will be a full TT 1-try run, both playing on our own NTSC consoles.


See you in chat maybe!  :D

CDM 2016 / Qui remportera le Grand Prix 150cc au CDM 2016 ?
« le: 13 juillet 2016, à 17:55:58 »
 :goldmario:  :silvermario:  :bronzemario:

Can Neo restart a  :goldmario: streak?  ;)

CDM 2016 / Qui remportera le Battle Mode au CDM 2016 ?
« le: 13 juillet 2016, à 17:52:11 »
 :goldmario:  :silvermario:  :bronzemario:

Can Drew break the malediction?  0:)

CDM 2016 / Qui remportera le Match Race au CDM 2016 ?
« le: 13 juillet 2016, à 17:38:25 »
 :goldmario:  :silvermario:  :bronzemario:
How many :eclair::eclair: in final this year?  :-X

CDM 2016 / Qui remportera le Time Trial au CDM 2016 ?
« le: 13 juillet 2016, à 17:31:43 »
 :goldmario:  :silvermario:  :bronzemario:

Will there be another MC2 final between Neo & Sami in the making?  ::)

Jeux Vidéo / F-Zero Central Marathon
« le: 12 mai 2016, à 14:01:45 »
For the F-Zero fans out there, you may wanna check out what's happening this weekend:


Sessions SMK / Aron versus me face-off on Time Trial
« le: 06 avril 2016, à 12:04:43 »
Last weekend at the Benelux Speedrunner Gathering, Aron & me had a nice fight at Time Trial 1-tries.

Here is the Twitch video with chat history (mostly Moll, the Gaff and Dan): https://www.twitch.tv/nlg_organisation/v/58920320
Here is the Youtube link (still processing at the time of posting): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tn54b6I0DtM

Sober Aron can be very impressive ( ::)), his BC1, CI2 and KB2 were sick. The best fights were CI1 and CI2, definitely.  8)

Discussion générale / What are the odds??!!
« le: 11 mars 2016, à 10:40:17 »

Maybe I have a secret fan?  ;D
I mean, what are the odds that he's using my quote whilst playing my favourite game. ::)

Discussion générale / SMK all cups run added to SDA!
« le: 08 mars 2016, à 21:12:56 »
SMK never had a run from a member of our community submitted to Speed Demos Archive, but this week that problem finally got fixed.  :D
I'm happy my 31m27s all cups run finally got posted (almost a year since I submitted it  :-X :-X)! Though the WR is currently 31m08s, this was still a decent run (apart from the CI2 feather fail...) and a HUGE huuuuge improvement over the runs present on SDA prior.  ;D

You can find it here:

And this is what was written about it in the SDA news update from the 5th of March: http://speeddemosarchive.com/

"I can't think of a time when I've been left feeling more hoodwinked by a run claiming it's multiplayer than this: it just so happens in Super Mario Kart, if you choose 2p mode and leave the other controller on the sofa until you've finished, by thumbing in the 2nd player's forfeit during the race end cinematics, you skip about 5 seconds of them. You also get less obstacles on the course - possibly because they had to slim the CPU load a bit, or maybe they just felt having a human opponent was challenging enough. This 0:20:25.91 is the run that taught me the Bowser music from I Wanna Be the Guy is the final race theme from this game. 'KVD' tells us he's "honoured and thrilled" to have been inducted. Well, we'll be honored [because I default to US spelling] and thrilled if you submit another one!"

Hey everyone, I recently went to the offices of Power Unlimited to get interviewed about my experiences at AGDQ and as a competitive SMK player. The video has become available today: http://www.pu.nl/media/video/pu-tv/we-hadden-de-nederlands-kampioen-super-mario-kart-op-bezoek/

Sadly for all you guys it is completely in Dutch, so it's probably pretty useless to watch it.  :-[ But I still felt I would share it anyway, because I know some of you guys like to follow all the publicity around SMK.

I am writing this topic here, because frankly I thought this would be the best place for this.
Svenne* is currently researching the possiblity of having an 'official' Games Done Quick event in Europe.

He already breached the subject with the people running GDQ (Mike Uyama & co) while we were in Washington and is now trying to feel if there is enough of a platform within Europe to get this going. What we would REALLY like is the direct involvement and support of the French speedrunning community. From what we know, the French speedrunning community is massive and completely self sustaining (with their own websites, events, etc.), but since we don't really speak French it is hard for us outsiders to tap into that source. Now I know for a fact that people like Neo, Mario & KartSeven have direct contacts with people within the French speedrunning core (actually you are probably part of that core, correct?  ;D). If some of you can discuss the idea to have a European Games Done Quick (EGDQ) with people that you think can make stuff happen (like the organisers of Stunfest or whatever) that would be great. All I know is that Svenne will be in touch with Mike Uyama & co again once he has established enough support in Europe to get this off the ground. If you encounter enthusiastic responses from within the French community regarding this idea, they can directly contact @DonSvenne on Twitter.

As some of you may know, Svenne is the founder of ESA (the European Speedster Assembly). However he does not like the direction that the ESA event has developed into. I'd say that compared to the GDQs, ESA has more of a focus on enjoyment of the runners themselves (it's starting to feel more like a speedrunners meeting, less a speedrunning show) and less focus on the charity aspect and involvement of the Twitch viewerbase.There is nothing wrong with that if that is the target of the event, but probably partly because of this viewer counts and donation totals of ESA are stagnating for the past years, while they are still far away from what the GDQ events accomplish (viewerbase 100k+ vs 10k+, donations 1 million+ vs 10k+). Anyway, to cut a long story short, there are some disagreements regarding the vision of ESA. For the record, personally I love both of these events. ESA for being what it is, and GDQ for what it is.

All of that is besides the point though, the point being that it would be fucking great to have a GDQ event in Europe anyway, that's obvious!  ;D

 *who Neo dubbed Terrence Svenner while we were @ AGDQ ;D ;D ;D

Sessions SMK / Dutch Open of SMK (29th of November)
« le: 23 novembre 2015, à 16:41:37 »
Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you know that coming Sunday there will be a Dutch Open of SMK (streamed on www.twitch.tv/nlg_organisation) amongst the following participants:
Aron Langerak
Karel van Duijvenboden
Martin van Haasteren
Matthew Ballard
Mike Hulscher
Michael Jongerius
Gerard Roodhorst
Christian Wild

Chris Wild and Matt Ballard are not Dutch, but they are not Neo lvl, so it's ok to let them join for funs.  :D
All modes will be played. For more info see: http://www.mariokart64.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1444667503/29#29

Discussion générale / A video dedicated to the ultimate troll in SMK
« le: 03 octobre 2015, à 18:42:10 »
:oeuf: :oeuf: :oeuf: :oeuf: :oeuf: :oeuf: :oeuf: :oeuf: :oeuf: :oeuf: :oeuf: :oeuf: :oeuf:
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKG5JVnpRrw" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKG5JVnpRrw</a>

Enjoy!  ;) :D

CDM 2015 / Why always me?
« le: 23 août 2015, à 21:57:07 »
Certainly one of the most incredible hits in CDM / SMK history!  :banane:

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwhUNTcCmWI" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwhUNTcCmWI</a>

:o :o :o

What are the odds right?  :-X

Sessions SMK / SMK speedrun @ DreamHack Speedrun event (13-6)!
« le: 11 juin 2015, à 09:57:32 »
Salut gars!  :D
I will be doing a GP speedrun (all cups) of Super Mario Kart (NTSC-J version) at the upcoming DreamHack Speedrun event. It will take place next Sunday, the 14th of June, at ~14h. Considering it's a marathon event, this could be a little bit off of course, so if you really want to see it, I suggest you to tune in early.


A few hours prior, Flippy_o will do his run of MK64, so it should be a good day for Mario Kart stream watching enthusiasts!  8)
Please support me if you can!  ;)

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