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CDM 2015 / Internet connection @ CDM 2015 venue
« le: 23 mars 2015, à 13:23:59 »
I quote this from my feedback on last year's CDM:

INTERNET CONNECTION. We really gotta get a better internet connection (preferably not Wifi) as the stream often ran with 1 frame per second and Patrick really had to downgrade the quality of the video to be able to stream at a decent rate at all  :(. Perhaps the organisation can invest in a really good cell phone internet deal for a week/month (or whatever) and use it exclusively for the stream?

Is anyone looking into this?
It would be extremely upsetting if it turned out that we just let another year pass without fixing the issue at all, even when it's very easy to acquire a good internet connection in this day and age (like indeed with 4G cellphone networks and such).

I would fix this myself if I could, but since I am not located in France it is kinda hard for me to arrange a good deal from the French internet market. If someone could please help and keep us posted on this, that would be greatly appreciated.  :D

Hype trailer:

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Dd93QmpiiQ" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Dd93QmpiiQ</a>

What: NLG Mini #13 Mario Kart 64 special

When: 6-8 February 2015 from ~18.30h CEST onwards

Channel: www.twitch.tv/nlg_organisation

Schedule: NLG Mini 13 schedule

Where: House of Gaming, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Who: We have invited some of the crème de la crème in the MK64 scene to make up the field of participants:
-Matthias Rustemeyer (MK64MR) - #1 Time Trial non-SC and overall MK64 World Champion
-Vincent Tolhuis (VAJ) - #1 Time Trial SC and universal
-Zoran Tintor (Zoki) - Time Trial WR-holder and #2 at Mario Kart 64 European Championships
-Steffen Hagelskjær (Flippy_o) - #2 and ex-WR holder for GP150cc skips speedrun (NTSC)

Commentary: KVD (me, ex-SMK #1)

Description: The first NLG Mini streaming weekend of 2015 will have a heavy emphasis on Mario Kart 64, with 4 of the best players in the world duking it out accross all modes. In addition there will be Time Trial WR-hunt demonstrations (where viewers can decide which track shall be played via strawpolls) and GP150cc speedruns featuring 3 racers simultaneously.

Sticking with the kart theme on Friday night, KVD (#3 SMK TT) and Aron (#6 SMK TT) will be racing all cups of Super Mario Kart's GP150cc mode. As you can see on the schedule there will be plenty of room for other games, including the Legend of Zelda (NES), F-Zero X, GoldenEye007 and Wave Race 64 (where we will have the #1 performing a 100% speedrun). Last, but not least on Saturday the viewers get the chance to challenge some of the fine karting talent present in an online duel of Mario Kart 8! Hope to see you all next weekend!

Special thanks go to Matthias Rusteyemeyer for creating the excellent hype trailer(s). For the source material, go here:

Disclaimer: Ok, so I know it's not Super Mario Kart (apart from Friday night vs Aron  >:D), but I still feel that the content will hit close enough to home to post it on this board as well (overlapping community and everything).  :)


You're evil, hiding this from us, all this time. Nice job on the American accent, but you're not fooling me.

Jeux Vidéo / Dreamhack Ludendi marathon featuring Patrick Wessels
« le: 24 novembre 2014, à 23:51:08 »
Hey guys  :)

Just wanted to notify you of a speedrunning event taking place this week (starting this Thursday) at Dreamhack in Sweden. Patrick (aka Meridian) will play some of his games on the stream, including his impressive blindfolded Tetrissphere run in the big theatre. Hope some of you guys can tune into Ludendi's Skype channel to support him & see him play.

Ludendi is a big channel that is used for the ESA marathons and has a shitton of followers. Should be good.

Schedule: http://www.dreamhack.se/dhw14/2014/11/15/speed-running-full-schedule/
Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/ludendi


Sessions SMK / NLG Mini 12 featuring Parigos Team!
« le: 22 octobre 2014, à 12:53:59 »
The upcoming weekend 24-26 October will be the next NLG streaming weekend. This time we have Harold & Anthony from the Parigos Team as guest stars, so we'll have a little more emphasis on SMK and Street Fighter action.  8)
The plan is that Rub, Harold, Anthony, Meridian & me will be battling in SMK tournaments (match race & battle mode). And there will be some Bomberman 2 4p action on Saturday night also.

Schedule: Mini 12
Stream: www.twitch.tv/nlg_organisation

So, VAJ will be doing an MK64 SC Gods hunt for us on Saturday 13h. Though the schedule is not set in stone, we're fairly sure that the SMK tournaments (battle mode & match race) will be on Saturday afternoon from ~14h CEST onwards. Gerard Roodhorst (Rub) will be joining us for those. Street Fighter (SF2T & SSF4AE) tournaments will be a bit more casual (lvl-wise) and will take place Sunday 13h onwards. There will be lots more, I feel like I should also mention Wouter (WMJ) will do an all-cups F-Zero SNES race versus Harold. They are both a tad rusty, but it's the #2 vs the #15 in the world. And for the Legend of Zelda fans (KartSeven?  ;)) Meridian will do an any% glitchless run Friday night. Well check the schedule for yourself, there is more. Hope to see some of you in chat.  ;)

I am starting this topic after discussing this idea at some length with Matthias Rustemeyer, the MK64 #1 and main organizer of the annual MK64 World Championships.
He expressed the desire to join these 2 events under 1 roof next year. Some of the CDM community members (Mario, Moll and me at least) already expressed to like this idea in principle, so let's see if we can take it to the next level.

Before I go into any further detail I want to post the disclaimer that this would not mean that the actual competitions & tournaments of SMK and MK64 would interact in any way. The set-up of CDM would be as if the MK64 competition does not exist; in other words, it would be exactly like we're used to/want it to be. It is also important to realize that the MK64 WC has a limited nr of participants (around 10 competitors in previous 2 editions), as it has only been held twice in the past (both times in Germany). In these previous editions there was only 1 day reserved/required to get all the 'official' tournaments done.
This topic is just to  feel what the general vibe of the CDM community is regarding this idea. So feel free to comment and discuss what you think would work and what not.

Just to be a bit clearer on the 3 options in the poll:
1) Yes, we have room to organize/host an MK64 WC in parallel: The MK64 competition would be run alongside the CDM tournaments. Example, on SMK MR day, MK64 would also have their VS-mode tournament, etc. This might require some complicated logistics, though it should be possible.
2) Yes, we have room to organize/host an MK64 WC in the flanking days: The MK64 competition would take place when there is no SMK action scheduled at the same time. If we are going to reserve an extra day to play the SMK TT tournament, there will probably still be time left to do the MK64 TT on that day as well for example. And the ceremony day could then be used for the rest of the MK64 action. In theory I think all could be done on the Saturday as well, considering previous editions of the event.
3) No, there is no room for this whatsoever: The CDM is packed to the brim as it is, let's not make it even busier.

Personally I think there would be room for joining forces and that there would be mutual benefit from this cross-breeding. People like Matthias, MJ and VAJ would participate in the SMK events, whereas I would do the opposite and join in the MK64 ones (provided they would be played on different days, so not in parallel). Publicity-wise 'uniting' SMK and MK64 (the 2 real MK classics) events would also be a very positive move, I'd say.

Discuss!  :D

Discussion générale / SMK @ ESA 2014 Charity Marathon
« le: 25 juillet 2014, à 13:37:17 »
I created this topic to make people aware of the fact that SMK will be played (by me) at the upcoming European Speedster Assembly (ESA), the yearly big European Speedrun-marathon event held in Skovde Sweden.

These events are organized so runners from the speedrunning community can demonstrate their gaming skill to the public via twitch streaming, have fun together and to raise donations from viewers (& participants) that will all go to a good cause (doctors without borders). In 2013 this event had a viewers peak of around 12.000 and a donation total over 10.000 Euros; in other words it will be significant exposure for SMK and its community. I will make sure to give shout-outs to the Players' Site and the CDM.  :D

I will be doing an All-Cups GP150cc speedrun on the NTSC-J version at around 20.10 CEST next Monday (28th of July). Note that the time is an estimate, it could be an hour or so earlier or later, depending on how the marathon goes. I am quite hyped about it and think it's really cool to be blocked together with the Super Mario World run.  8)

SMK will be played on the yellow stream: www.twitch.tv/esa
Website: http://www.europeanspeedsterassembly.com/
Schedule: Googledoc link

Patrick & me will also race UN Squadron on the blue stream at Monday @ 6.15 in the morning.  Pierre might like this :P Moreover, Patrick (Meridian) will also run other games and there will be plenty of crazy speedruns to marvel at (big Super Mario 64 race for example) so make sure to check the schedule. If you can find the time, please tune in on the stream to support!  :)

CDM 2014 / Stream lay-out for CDM
« le: 23 juillet 2014, à 00:36:21 »
Patrick made a stream lay-out with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to use for the CDM when matches are being played/streamed. ScouB provided him with artwork, pictures and a rough outline for the stream.
I did a quick test stream on my channel, so you guys can check it out and tell us your thoughts & ideas.

Archived broadcast of test stream can be viewed here: http://www.twitch.tv/smk_machine/b/550165422

There's a couple of things that I can think of that could use some discussion:
-Overall lay-out (size and placement of the different pannels)
-The match info on the left. It can give the course information like it does now. Note that for group stage this list will only be 4 tracks long, so that the background art  is readily visible (Mario in his kart...see ~1:53 in the video to appreciate the full backdrop....or look at the banner of this website above you  ;D). Alternatively, we can display only names and the scores (so no track info). For GP this space could be used to display cup icons.
-The use of flags (can either be basic flags like now, or waving gifs, ball flags, whatever or completely scrapped).
-Chat displayed on stream or not? Note that in the test stream I linked now we did not impliment this. To check out what that looks like, you can watch this broadcast for example: http://www.twitch.tv/smk_machine/c/4413342. Obviously the chat box would not be over the gamefeed at CDM, but if desired a (small) spot can be reserved for it.

Like I said we're very open for any feedback to perfect the stream and push for the optimal viewing/interacting experience.  O0

Cheers and see you all soon!  :)

CDM 2014 / CDM 2014: Travelling thread
« le: 07 juillet 2014, à 10:32:11 »
I started this topic so we can synchronize our travelling trips. If there is already a topic like this, you can remove it.
I've been bugging Guillaume about train tickets from La Suze to Paris and back (dang those babies are expensive!), but I'd like to know one more thing:

The time tables of the train service from Paris to La Suze (on Tuesday 12th of August) and from La Suze to Paris (on Sunday 17th of August).
I remember from last year the train only left in intervals of 2 and sometimes 3 hours, so it's important to know exactly what the options are for us to time our connection with the Thalys correctly.

Which Eurostar times did the Team UK guys book for example?

Any help would be appreciated!  :)

[GP] Section Principale / ESA Marathon (featuring SMK and other MK runs)
« le: 15 juillet 2013, à 17:02:29 »
Today at 19.00 GMT+2 the ESA marathon will start to raise money for doctors without borders. There will be many hype runs in the course of the week; as far as Mariokart is concerned, SMK will be at 21h local time today. MKWii tomorrow and MKDD on friday. Further updates will be posted here.

Tune in at: www.twitch.tv/ludendi
Schedule: www.europeanspeedsterassembly.com/#schedule

Please watch me catch some Yoshi eggs  ::) ::) ;D

Bowser/Donkey / SMK World Records History
« le: 25 mai 2013, à 00:56:05 »
For the guys that don't visit the English MB (SMK section):

In that topic I present a website with the evolution of SMK WRs, which I think is very interesting for anyone who has followed SMK's competition.
The link to the website is: http://mkwii.co.nf/smk/

Big thanks to Cole from the MKDD/MKDS community, for creating the database/website.  :)


Match Race / NTSC MR CI1 session
« le: 29 mars 2013, à 16:56:15 »
I'm taking the liberty to post this here, as the clip you posted was very enjoyable and deserves to be seen!  8)


KartSeven vs Mario86, the best TT players of France.  :D

Super Parigo Kart / Your favourite and worst TT track
« le: 06 septembre 2010, à 16:21:45 »
I am really impressed about the track design in SPK so far; not only do they look sleak and finished, the courses retain the original SMK feeling and provide fresh and interesting new technical challenges. They aren't so similar to the original SMK that they are in fact uninteresting; subtle new touches like island-jumps on BC tracks and stuff like the first corner on RR2 are completely new beasts and present a bit of a new puzzle to solve for veteran SMK players.

So I'm wondering what your impressions are so far. What are your favourite tracks and why? And which one is the least interesting or most frustrating so far?

I'll start:
My favourite track so far is GV4.  O0 Because it harbours a combination of a lot of new elements not seen in the original SMK (for example the corner with the square shaped holes after the thin bridge and the last corner which is a bit of a hybrid between the GV3 platform-jump and the VL2 NTSC jump); in general it feels like the right mix between GV3 and RR. You never get a break, because the sections are tightly bound together on this action-packed rollercoaster.
Other early favourites are BC4, RR2 and VL3. The latter not because I helped with it's design, but because I love VL2 style driving.

I haven't encountered any track so far that I did not enjoy playing. Perhaps the first few goes on a completely new and complex track, like BC6, were not always pleasant  ::), but after 10 minutes with it, I quickly grew to appreciate the new challenge/puzzle that tracks like this offer. That's why, if I have to pick one, I'd label MC6 as my least favourite one so far. It feels a little too much like MC3 to me. That said I LOVED playing it, so I don't know what I'm complaining about.  ::)

CDM 2009 / Looking for a video (MR 2009 Semi Final)
« le: 28 juillet 2010, à 18:49:13 »
Heya, I really wanted to see the MR semi final between Sami and me of last year again...I've been waiting for it to appear for almost a year, but I guess it's time to actively pursue it, seeing there is still no trace of it anywhere. I am 100% certain it was taped, so it has to be there somewhere. It was a very exciting match, with a crazy scoreline 9-7 (the final between Flo and Sami was even crazier, but still), well worthy of seeing again.

Any help?  :D

Règlement / Softening lightnings in MR!? A gentlemen's proposal...
« le: 13 juillet 2010, à 10:01:57 »
If you don't want to read all the txt, only read the solution and final paragraph.  ;)

Ok, this "problem" doesn't need an introduction after last year's MR final I suppose... ::)
I was tooling around with a way to make sure this type of scenario (where lightning decides an important match or several ones) will never occur again at a Championnat.

The reason I find lightning more game-breaking than for example a feather on CI2 or playing NBT (versus Non-NBT), is that lightning never misses its effect and is not beneficial for the user itself; the only thing it does is cripple the opponent, physically blocking him from competing normally for approximately a full lap. Add to that that it cannot possibly be blocked and takes 0 skill to use, et voilà! there you have an item that completely breaks the game. :-X With gamebreaking it is generally meant (in communities of competitive games, such as SMK) that the ratio between skill and luck to decide the outcome of a match is too highly disturbed. Ideally of course, in a competition to the decide a World Champion in a skill-based game, such as SMK, you want the factor skill to at least have some impact on the outcome of a match. And of course you want to have a randomness factor as well to keep things spicey (items such as stars, red shells, etc.) When lightning is involved in a race however, the equilibrium is almost completely shifted to the luck component. I’m willing to bet lightning has a match winner predictive value of about 90% if it is picked up before final lap. Thankfully the item is rare, so the harshness of it can be eradicated over the course of a series of races. That is not enough for me though, as it can STILL almost completely decide the outcome of one critical deciding match. Also, if the item was more common (say 1 in 10), there would be a rule against it’s use for sure. This fact alone signififes that there IS a problem with this item (which is only covered up by it’s rarity).
Add to this that for some strange reason the item can occur in bursts, and in my opinion, we have a real problem with the MR mode. Having 1 lightning over the course of a full 20 races of MR is normal. Getting more than 1 lightning in such a series is quite rare, but if it happens, it seems like a 3rd, 4th and even 5th one will occur more easily than the normal ratios can explain. I’ve observed this in quite a few MR sessions (I almost always play through all 20 tracks if I’m playing casual MR with people like Geo, Sami, etc.), where suddenly lightning becomes a trend and the normal odds appear to be disturbed. Of course I don’t have any statistical evidence to back this up (I’m not  THAT geeky ;D), but it’s definitely something I’ve noticed over the course of time.

The goal of the solution would of course be to prevent lightnings  from having their unfair effects, but in such a way that the person who receives lightning is not harmed by it either. If you would simply make a rule that states you are not allowed to use lightning, the receiver will be punished for not being able to pick up another item for example. I’ve thought of an elegant solution to fix this problem however.

The rules would be as follows:
-From the moment you USE lightning, you can no longer WIN the race…winning as expected, will nullify the outcome of this race and means it has to be played again to determine who gets the point.
-Picking up lightning is not punished of course. That circumvents any problems there could exist by stealing the item with a ghost and stuff, as it’s using it that counts. This means you can make a tactical decision to go for a nullification if you’re almost certain to lose otherwise. It also means you will try to win without using it  first (so you can collect the actual point) and have a back-up solution if that fails, because for example you couldn’t use any other items anymore.
It’s clear to see that this system doesn’t really punish the lightning receiver, as he has the freedom to do with it what he wishes and has a back-up plan to nullify the match, if his attempt at winning normally fails. Also if he uses the lightning and loses anyway, then the point obviously goes to the guy that won the race. It’s clear as day that if you don’t win with lightning, you would have almost certainly lost through all other methods as well (true in 99% + cases I’d say).
An additional rule is that when both players use lightning, the match will be viewed as normal again (meaning nullification is no longer possible for that race), obviously. 

The problem I have here, is that the SMK community is extremely conservative, as the past has shown in more than a few instances. I’m almost certain that this kind of rule proposal will almost exclusively have opponents (we will see… ::)). The only reason I usually hear is that it’s part of the game and that we  therefore have to accept it. I don’t think that’s a convincing argument at all (for example, through the same logic you could argue that sickness if a part of life and you should therefore refuse to take medicine to take life as it is intended). However, I respect everyone’s opinions and if the majority simply WANTS nothing to change, then that’s something I just have to accept. I’m not even gonna add a poll as I have a feeling I know what the outcome will be already.  :P

Gentlemen’s agreement
When talking to Pierre about this issue yesterday, he hinted me to introduce this concept through the system of gentlemen’s agreement. Seeing that this rule-system should not and can not possibly be forced, I really feel a gentlemen’s agreement is the best way to go about it. If both players agree to play with the lightning nullification system, then they should be able to.
 So this CDM, before all my MR matches, I will ask my opponent if he wants to play with the lightning nullification system. Refuse the proposal or agree with it as you please, I won’t think any different about it.   

Your thoughts guys?  ;)

(Perhaps this should be in the reglement topic, I wasn't sure, as I'm not suggesting a rule change, I'm suggesting a gentlemen's agreement system)

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