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Sessions SMK / NLG 2010 in Holland
« le: 04 février 2010, à 21:54:56 »
I'll literally copy/paste what Marius wrote on the English MB... ;)

"Hi all , going to try arranging NLG ( Next Level Gaming ) again this year. This time around , in Holland. Dates are not yet decided upon , but looks like 20th of july to 25th , around that time.

Much is up in the air still , but if the people will come , the tournaments will happen.

For those who are unfamiliar with NLG , there are tournaments in several games ( around 6 usually ) as well as other non-mandatory activites. Soccer has been a classic so far , as well as go-karting , mountainhiking  and moonshining ( Illu owns all ).
The gaming\tournament part of the  meeting last for 3-4 days , and a place to sleep will be provided. The entire meeting might last a few days longer , but thats usually more or less improvised.

There will be an entrance fee , and an optional fee if you want to stay\sleep in the venue.
Should you manage to win any of the official tournaments , there will be prizes\prize money involved 

The location this year looks like it will be in the outskirts of Utrecht , Holland.

The games this year are not set in stone , but here is the list for now :

Super Mario Kart , Circuit Breakers , Super Street Fighter 4 , Goldeneye , NLG Retro.

Other possible options include: MK64 , MKDD , Mario Challenge , PES, SMK Battle Mode

People interested so far :

Marius Hukkelås
Karel Van Duijvenboden
Michael Jongerius
Vincent van der Fluit
Yngve Grostad
Ulf Martinsen
Chris Clark
Patrick Wessels
Tuomas Dunkel

If you have any questions at all , PM me , hit me up on msn , post in this topic , or e-mail me at Sargoth(dot)NLG(at)Gmail(dot)com "

So its in Holland this year bitches  ;D Don't miss it!  :P

CDM 2009 / Small Question about when the venue opens
« le: 10 août 2009, à 17:40:59 »
Hi everyone!

I'd like to know from which moment the venue opens and accepts people arriving.  ;)
So if the people responsible for the organization can tell me, we (Team NL) can adjust our travelling details accordingly.

Merci!  :D

Its not an official poll of course as I am not really involved in the rules making process here, but I had this idea from watching how SF tournaments are organized. Over there they only seed the players that need seeding, so say the top 4 players of a certain mode would get seeded so that they don't meet eachother early on in the knock-out stage. The rest of the field gets drawn unguided.

So say Flo and Geo are top 2 in MR in 1 poule and Sami and Drew in the other poule. Those players would get seeded so that they can't meet eachother before the semi finals (exactly the way it is now I believe), BUT the major difference would be that the rest would get drawn randomly.

This means the #8 of the qualifiers won't necessarily meet the winners of the other poules and it would make the proceedings a little less predictable. Because let's face it, if you're struggling to qualify, you might as well give up on your last qualification match and be done with it already...you're not gonna stand a chance vs Flo or Sami in the 1/8 finals anyway.

Just a thought, let's see what people think!  :)

CDM 2009 / CDM 2009: Which tournament do you look forward to most?
« le: 17 mai 2009, à 23:25:30 »
Which tournament do you think will be most interesting? Perhaps because you can't wait to perform in that mode yourself, perhaps because you're looking forward to the monstrous level on display...simply which one do you look forward to most?  :D

To me its extremely hard to pick.... ;D :-X

I could pick TT because I have the best chance to perform well myself there, I could pick MR because of its mix of all that makes SMK great, I could pick Battle for the insane amount of top players in this mode present and I could pick GP because I enjoy getting hit by Yoshi's eggs  ::)

Well actually I won't make a decision just yet.  :P

Sessions SMK / NLG 2008 Norway
« le: 30 mars 2008, à 18:48:59 »
For the guys that didn't know yet, the Holland meet planned for summer 2008 got cancelled, because MJ and Vince couldn't find a correct venue
(and to be honest it was really hard here, because rent prices are insane  :-X).

Instead the Next Level Gamer circus will be moved to Norway once more, at exactly the same dates as planned (22-25 July for tournaments, but possibility to stay longer for extra activities of course) and also at exactly the same location of last year.

Of the French guys Florent, Pierre and Geoffrey are already planning to come (but not yet 100% confirmed). There will be tournaments in various games (including SMK, Street Fighter and Mario Tennis) and also a big retro games tournament with simultaneous speedruns in games like Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong Country and also involving games like Tetris & Dr. Mario. The prize for the winner of this retro event will be 100 euros!  :)

For more info you can check this topic on the English MB:

Sorry to write this in English, but I hope you will be ok to read it. I'm counting on you Harold the pirate and other crazy French guys!  ;) ;D

Bowser/Donkey / Records du Monde sans les deus K's
« le: 17 janvier 2007, à 22:43:54 »
I shamelessly nicked Pierre's idea (or whoevers idea it was  :P) of the Records de France sans Kartie and used the same basics for this topic.
Since Kartie and Karel (moi), or les deus K's  ::) ;D, are the Top 2 drivers on a lot of courses at the moment (MC1, DP1, GV1, MC3, etc) I thought it would be interesting to see what the situation would be like when you take us out of the equation...;D

I must say it's shockingly close at the top and a lot of karters have a place in here. Loads of ties too!  :o
So anyway, another topic for you guys to post your achievements in if you like it  ;)

MC1  0'58"96   Florent         11"54 Gerard/Sami
DP1  1'12"17   Matthias        14"03    Mane
GV1  1'02"48   Krysster       12"16  Florent
BC1  1'28"65   Armin           17"53  Armin/Sami
MC2  1'11"62 (LB) Sami       11"64 (IB+LB) Sami

CI1  0'56"79    Roach             10"88    Roach
GV2  1'02"24   Florent            11"96    Florent
DP2  1'26"28   Matthias          17"07  Matthias
BC2  1'42"52 Gerard/Matthias  20"07   Florent
MC3  1'29"09   Zilb               17"45   Zilb/Armin

KB1  0'49"71   Stellmacher     9"34   Florent
CI2  1'05"80   William            12"91   William
VL1  0'52"19     Sami              9"85  Guillaume/Sami/Roach
BC3  1'30"72  Matthias/Sami   17"77  Florent
MC4  1'34"94    Armin            18"68   Armin/Mane

DP3  1'17"94   Matthias       14"87   Gerard
KB2  0'56"67    Matthias       10"53  Mane
GV3  1'15"08   Gerard         14"75   Gerard
VL2  0'49"82    ScouB           9"25    ScouB
RR   1'27"16   Geoffrey        17"29  William

Florent        7 WRs
Matthias      7 WRs dont 2 tie
Sami           7 WRs dont 4 tie
Gerard         5 WRs dont 2 tie
Armin           5 WRs dont 3 tie
William         3 WRs
Mane           3 WRs dont 1 tie
Roach          3 WRs dont 1 tie
Scoub          2 WRs
Zilb             2 WRs dont 1 tie
Krysster       1 WR
Stellmacher   1 WR
Geo             1 WR
Guillaume      1 WR tie


Sami            9 pts = 2 vWRs + 5 fWRs dont 4 tie (vWRs à MC2 flap et à VL1 5-laps)
Gerard          8 pts = 3 vWRs + 2 fWRs dont 2 tie (vWRs à DP3 flap et à GV3)
Florent         8 pts = 1 vWR  + 6 fWRs (vWR à KB1 flap)
Matthias       7 pts = 0 vWRs + 7 fWRs dont 2 tie
Armin           5 pts = 0 vWRs + 5 fWRs dont 3 tie
Roach          3 pts = 0 vWRs + 3 fWRs
William         3 pts = 0 vWRs + 3 fWRs
Mane           3 pts = 0 vWRs + 3 fWRs dont 1 tie
Scoub          2 pts = 0 vWRs + 2 fWRs
Zilb              2 pts = 0 vWRs + 2 fWRs dont 1 tie
Krysster       1 pt  = 0 vWRs + 1 fWR
Stellmacher  1 pt  = 0 vWRs + 1 fWR
Geo            1 pt  = 0 vWRs + 1 fWR
Guillaume     1 pt  = 0 vWRs + 1 fWR tie

Bowser/Donkey / Records du Monde prédictions!
« le: 28 avril 2004, à 16:26:17 »
J'ai pensé de ce nouveau sujet, peut-être vous comme il
Le sens sera obligé à prédire que le WR sera à la fin de l'année qui est 31 le 2004 décembre!
Le celui qui est prédit que totaltime est le plus proche au temps total du véritable WR à la fin de 2004 gagne!
Je ferai ma liste bientôt.... :D

Because my French is so poor I will also post the message in English  :-[

I tought about this new subject, maybe you'll like it.
The idea is to predict what the WR's will be at the end of the year, 31 December 2004.
The winner is the one who's predicted totaltime is closest to the total time of the WR's that are actually done before 31 December 2004.

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