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Petite update: First non Dutchie and first CDM gold medal winner to sign up for SMK All-Stars!  8)  :goldmario:

List of confirmed participants (5/32):
#1 -Lafungo (Jonathan Toole-Charignon)
#2 -the_drunk_strawberry (Sjors Rijsdam)
#3 -KVD (Karel van Duijvenboden)
#4 -MF (Martin van Haasteren)
#5 -Antistar aka Mario86 (Guillaume Leviach)

List of interested participants
-Mike Hulscher
-MeridianPrime (Patrick Wessels)
-Chris Wild
-Edwin Peeters
-Rub & his son Rune
-Michael Jongerius
-Aron Langerak
-Mark Duivesteijn
-DangerMoll (pending UK quarantaine restrictions)
-YorkshireSMK (pending UK quarantaine restrictions)
-Zarkov (pending UK quarantaine restrictions)
-Raphael Braun

PayPal is now linked to the Esports game arena properly, so anyone that wishes to order tickets to the event using PayPal to pay can now do so. :)

We have also established an event agenda. Importantly, these are estimates and are not written in stone. We used the longest mode (GP150cc) as the template for all 2p modes, so it is expected BM and especially MR day will progress faster. Also it's always hard to estimate how long the closing ceremony will actually last, so again please take that with a grain of salt and don't plan anything else for Saturday afternoon if you want to be a part of it.

SMK All-Stars Agenda:
Tuesday 18th: TT
Wednesday 19th: BM
Thursday 20th: MR
Friday 21st: GP150cc
Saturday: Closing ceremony + special SMK quizz

Detailed agenda:
Tuesday 18th
Opening ceremony 16:00
TT Group Stage 17:00
Dinner Break 18:30
TT Last Karter Standing 19:15 onwards

Wednesday 19th - Friday 21st
11:30 groups first 5 rounds
13:30 lunch break
14:15 groups last 5 rounds
16:30 Barrages
17:30 Winners Quarters
18:15 Winners Semis + Losers Eighths
19:00 Losers Quarters + Winners Final (15-30 mins later dinner break)
19:45 Dinner Break
20:30 Losers Semi
21:30 Losers Final
22:30 Grand Final

Saturday 22nd
12:00 - 15:00 Closing ceremony + special SMK quizz

Format TT day: Lafungo outlines the format in the first post of this topic, though it'll be top 12 that qualify, not the top 24 (fewer competitors at All-Stars) http://www.ffsmk.org/forum/index.php?topic=6472.0

Format of other modes: More details will be announced, but in short Group Stage will be done according to a Swiss system followed by barrages and a top-8 double elimination bracket.

List of confirmed participants:
-Lafungo (Jonathan Toole-Charignon)
-the_drunk_strawberry (Sjors Rijsdam)
-KVD (Karel van Duijvenboden)
-MF (Martin van Haasteren)

List of interested participants
-Mario86/Antistar  :P
-Mike Hulscher
-MeridianPrime (Patrick Wessels)
-Chris Wild
-Edwin Peeters
-Rub & his son Rune
-Michael Jongerius
-Aron Langerak
-Mark Duivesteijn
-DangerMoll (pending UK quarantaine restrictions)
-YorkshireSMK (pending UK quarantaine restrictions)
-Zarkov (pending UK quarantaine restrictions)
-Raphael Braun

Reminder registration is on a first come first served basis and we have a 32 person registration limit due to COVID restrictions.

Bowser/Donkey / Topic des nouveaux FRs et WRs PAL, NBT et non-NBT
« le: 30 juin 2020, à 23:18:27 »
Petite update... :D

Records du Monde PAL NBT :

MC10'57"90Sami 11"22Karel
MC21'05"63ScouB (LB)12"02ScouB (LB)




Karel 14 WRs with 3 Tie
ScouB    9 WRs with 2 Tie
Antistar    7 WRs with 2 Tie
Aron  5 WRs
Sami    5 WRs with 1 Tie
Christian  2 WRs
Lafungo  1 WR
Guilherme  1 WR

Current Dutch gov policy for foreign tourists:

Most important parts: tourists from EU/Schengen/UK can go to NL, but tourists from Sweden and UK are "strongly advised" to self-quarantine for 14 days. Also tourists must reserve their holiday accomodation before they travel to NL.

In short, almost no restrictions for people from France/Belgium/Swiss.  :D

CDM 2020 / Update for 2020 CDM: Project is targeting October dates!
« le: 18 juin 2020, à 22:58:30 »
Time for an IASMK update!
The provisional good news is that the 2020 CDM in Gasny is currently set to go ahead at the 19th to 25th of October dates! It looks like European borders are slowly reopening, so with a little optimism this project is looking more and more feasible to us at the moment.* More news regarding registrations etc. soon! So if you haven’t booked the time off, please do so now! :etoile: <3 8)

*still there is of course always the disclaimer that we cannot predict the future in the year of 2020, I don't think I need to explain any further.  :-[

Secondly, if you really can't make those dates for whatever reason, please consider if you can attend the SMK All-Stars event this summer. It was just announced here: http://www.ffsmk.org/forum/index.php?topic=6490.msg196881#new
Importantly, this will not be a CDM alternative, but a different tournament altogether that won't count for any official rankings. But if you can come to both, even better, I know I will!  ;D

Time for an IASMK announcement!
Are you all ready for some good (SMK related) news in 2020?!

First of all, the 2020 CDM in Gasny is currently set to go ahead at the 19th to 25th of October dates! It looks like European borders are slowly reopening, so with a little optimism this project is looking more and more feasible to us at the moment.* More news regarding registrations etc. soon! So if you haven’t booked the time off, please do so now! :etoile:  <3 8)
*still there is the disclaimer that we cannot predict the future in the year of 2020, I don't think I need to explain any further.  :-[

Secondly, I am happy to announce a new event: Super Mario Kart All-Stars! This is a surprise event taking place this summer in Alphen at the Esports Game Arena on the originally proposed CDM dates: 18-22 August.

Many thanks to Thomas from Esports Game Arena for coming up with this idea; he is planning a very festive week with a complete Super Mario Kart theme. Some of the mayhem will include an indoor radio controlled kart circuit, as in the picture at bottom of post!  :goldmario: :silvermario: :etoile: :champi:

Full details will follow at a later point, but I will outline the general idea below. There will be some clear similarities to a CDM event, but also some clear differences.
-Starting with the similarities: this event will be an official IASMK tournament and the agenda will have a very CDM-like structure (all game modes across 3.5 days of competition). The event is also internationally oriented in the sense that it is open to anyone who wants to and can make it.
-Following with the differences: There will be a maximum number of 32 participants (first come first served basis!), so the playing field will be smaller. Realistically, due to the COVID situation we are expecting far fewer players from abroad, therefore it will likely not be at a CDM level of competition. The lower number of participants will give us the option to be a little more experimental with tournament formats, for example the Knock-Out stages will be double elimination and the group stage will likely be played according to a Swiss system. Obviously, because of the reasons mentioned above SMK All-Stars will not count for any official historical CDM rankings. It is an event just for the fun and glory.

Players that are interested can buy tickets via the Esports Game Arena ticket shop, there are 2 options:
-Package 1: Participation to SMK All-Stars, includes lunch and dinner served by Lars’ restaurant de Beren for the price of 140 euros: https://www.esportsgamearena.nl/product/smk-all-stars-2020-pakket-1/
-Package 2: Participation to SMK All-Stars, but no lunch and dinners included for 75 euros: https://www.esportsgamearena.nl/product/smk-all-stars-2020-pakket-2/

Lars is still kind enough to sponsor us with a discount, but obviously he has also taken a hit with the crisis this year so he could not offer completely the same deal as last year. Personally I think he is a hero for still offering us this deal. :etoile:

Some closing remarks:
-We are not expecting 32 participants, but if we do get to that number the tickets will be sold out (first come first served). Take note that almost all (semi) active Team NL members have stated that they will sign up already, so that’s provisionally 10-15 tickets taken right off the bat.
-I will try to figure out whether purchasing daily tickets will be possible.
-Our sign-up deadline will be Friday the 14th of August. Because we are announcing this news so late and conditions around the COVID restrictions are subject to change we will be more flexible with planning.
-Hotels and Airbnbs and such will have to be arranged by the participants themselves. It should be easier than normal with ‘tourism’ expected to be quite low and not as many participants as during a CDM.
-Finally, Ive been made aware that currently the ticketing system is only set-up to serve Dutch residents. This will be fixed as soon as possible.

Any questions please let me know!  :)

Haha Sami is crazy!  ::)

I almost forgot, I got a BC3 GV9 NBT WR lap of 17"87 at the end of last session.  :)

Bump out of nowhere, but speaking about SPK2 enticed me to try a few things in TT while Jarmou was having breakfast and Leffungo was getting past his hangover.  0:)

CI5 NBT 59"79 - 11"54 (https://youtu.be/VxqLslXCgG8)

Gotta get the sub minute. Considering Sami has 1'03 non-NBT I'm pretty sure this track is slower than the original MC1 it is based on. That finisher felt quite fast.

PCB NBT 15"76 with pipe boost  ;D

VL6 NBT 14"99 sub  ::)

Ok that'll probably be it for a while haha  :P

Sessions SMK / SpeedGaming Tournament #2!
« le: 24 mai 2020, à 15:02:42 »
This afternoon (~3 hours from now) we will run a showcase on for the upcoming SMK Time Trial 1-try Tournament, featuring 3 very closely matched players: Jarm0u, SparksF1 & SmkYorkshire



Merci pour la traduction Sophie!  :D

Bonjour tout le monde,

Il est temps de faire le point sur la planification du CDM 2020 et sur la manière dont elle est influencée par la situation actuelle de COVID19.
Malheureusement, les dates initialement prévues pour le mois d'août ne seront pas maintenues :( Le maire de Gasny nous a fait savoir qu'il y avait trop d'incertitudes concernant l'épidémie en cours. En fait, au moment où nous écrivons ces lignes, le mois d'août arrive à trop court terme pour prévoir un événement de façon réaliste. En tant qu'organisateurs, nous sommes tout à fait d'accord avec ce sentiment,  il va sans dire que la santé de chacun dans notre communauté est toujours être la première priorité. En outre, il est probable que les frontières internationales soient encore fermées dans une certaine mesure cet été.

Cette triste annonce étant passée, Gros-Dédé a vérifié la disponibilité des lieux plus tard dans l'année et a proposé deux semaines de rechange :
*du 19 au 25 octobre
*du 13 au 20 décembre

Ces semaines sont choisies en fonction des jours fériés du secteur public pendant lesquels nous prévoyons que la plus grande partie des personnes seront disponibles pendant une semaine entière.
En fait, ce n'est peut-être le cas que pour l'option d'octobre. Le seul inconvénient potentiel de l'option d'octobre est qu'il pourrait être encore trop tôt par rapport à la gestion de l'épidémie de COVID. C'est pourquoi nous préférons que ces deux options restent ouvertes pour le moment.

Quoi qu'il en soit, discutons de ces dates ci-dessous et découvrons ensemble quelle est l'option préférable/préférée. J'espère que vous comprendrez tous que nous laisserons la prise de décision définitive en suspens jusqu'à ce que nous ayons les informations nécessaires. En fait, nous pensons que toute décision finale devra presque certainement être prise relativement tard / proche des dates réelles, car toute planification à long terme est pour l'instant à peu près impossible.

Pour terminer sur une note positive, en tant qu'IASMK et l'équipe organisatrice de Gasny, nous pensons que le CDM 2020 peut encore se réaliser, l'espoir meurt en dernier !  :D <3

Karel au nom de l'IASMK et de l'équipe organisatrice de Gasny !

Hello all,

It's time to provide you all with an update on the planning for CDM 2020 and how it's influenced by the ongoing COVID19 situation.
Unfortunately, the originally planned dates in August are not going to work out:( The mayor of Gasny has communicated with us that there are too many uncertain aspects relating to the ongoing COVID outbreak. Basically, at the moment of writing August is too short term to be realistic. We as organizers completely agree with this sentiment, the health of everyone in our community should always be the top priority, needless to say. Moreover, it's likely that the international borders will still be closed to some extent over this summer.

With that sad announcement out of the way, Gros Dédé checked for venue availability later in the year and has come up with two alternative weeks:
*from 19th to 25th of October
*from 13th to 20th of December

These weeks are chosen in correspondence with public sector holidays in which we expect the largest proportion of people to be available for a full week.
In fact, this may only really be the case for the October option as that is actually a public holiday. The one potential drawback of the October option is that it might still be too early in terms of the developing COVID outbreak. This is why we prefer to have both these options still open for the moment.

Anyway, let's discuss these dates below and find out together what the preferred option is. I hope you will all understand that we will leave the definitive decision until we have the necessary information. In fact we expect that any final decision will almost certainly have to be relatively late / close to the actual dates, because any real long term planning is pretty much off the table at the moment.

To end on a positive note, we as IASMK and the Gasny organizing team believe that the 2020 CDM can still happen, hope dies last!  :D  <3

Karel on behalf of the IASMK and the Gasny organizing team!

Discussion générale / Tier list des circuits de SMK
« le: 16 avril 2020, à 15:28:55 »

I posted a meme Tweet about this, but a more serious answer here.
I think overall VL1 is the worst track, but for GP & 2P it's not the most boring one, that honor just has to go to MC4.

NBT TTs (PAL/NTSC combined...per system the tier list would be a bit different):

GP150cc (speedrunning NTSC version):

2P action (PAL CDM):


Le Championnat Super Mario Kart / Statistiques...
« le: 16 avril 2020, à 12:43:16 »
We are all Narnet's children.

Though some more than others.  ;D

BC1 renovation with a "micro" boost on the first islands straight. I think it wins 0"01 (i mean potentially, definitely not always), so it makes sense the flap was improved by 0"01 and the 5-lap by 0"05.  0:) Except not really, as in the flap I got a really short one and in the 5-lap I didn't do it 5 times.  ::) ;D


MC1  0'55"97     Sami              10"83   Sami
DP1  1'07"57     ScouB             13"20   Karel
GV1  0'59"19    Karel               11"63   Karel
BC1  1'25"20  Karel              16"88   Karel
MC2  1'00"65    ScouB (LB)      11"12   ScouB (LB)

CI1  0'50"64   Lafungo             9"77   Guilherme
GV2  0'57"86      Antistar         11"33    ScouB
DP2   1'22"30      ScouB           16"23    ScouB
BC2 1'37"69      Antistar          19"19    Karel
MC3  1'22"75    ScouB            16"16    ScouB

KB1  0'45"76     Tyler               08"77    ScouB
CI2  1'02"44     ScouB/Eric        12"22    ScouB
VL1  0'47"50   Aron                 09"21    ScouB
BC3  1'26"66    Karel               17"08    Karel
MC4  1'28"89   ScouB             17"43   Chris

DP3  1'12"97   ScouB             14"19    Karel
KB2  0'52"80   Antistar           09"97    ScouB
GV3  1'12"27   Sami               14"26     ScouB
VL2  0'45"99   Karel               08"45    Karel
RR    1'23"63   Karel               16"48   Karel

ScouB        16 WRs with 1 tie
Karel         13 WRs
Antistar      3 WRs
Sami          3 WRs
Lafungo     1 WR
Guilherme  1 WR
Tyler          1 WR
Aron          1 WR
Chris         1 WR
Eric           1 WR tie

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