Auteur Sujet: Looking for a video (MR 2009 Semi Final)  (Lu 3954 fois)

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Looking for a video (MR 2009 Semi Final)
« le: 28 juillet 2010, à 18:49:13 »
Heya, I really wanted to see the MR semi final between Sami and me of last year again...I've been waiting for it to appear for almost a year, but I guess it's time to actively pursue it, seeing there is still no trace of it anywhere. I am 100% certain it was taped, so it has to be there somewhere. It was a very exciting match, with a crazy scoreline 9-7 (the final between Flo and Sami was even crazier, but still), well worthy of seeing again.

Any help?  :D

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Re : Looking for a video (MR 2009 Semi Final)
« Réponse #1 le: 16 février 2011, à 14:20:45 »
Apparently not :-X :-X
Mais surtout, je dois faire un très, très gros aparté, où je ne vais pas y aller avec le dos de la cuillère, sur la partie "SMK = eSport", aspect sur lequel certains se fourrent le doigt dans l'œil jusque dans des zones inexplorées de leur anatomie

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Re: Looking for a video (MR 2009 Semi Final)
« Réponse #2 le: 16 février 2011, à 16:24:25 »
It was an awful match, first i was driving like a drunk, then you were driving like a drunk :D

I think Flo is implying that wel see it in the next 10-15 years
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