Auteur Sujet: Vos objectifs pour le CDE 2021 / Your CDE 2021 goals  (Lu 3033 fois)

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Vos objectifs pour le CDE 2021 / Your CDE 2021 goals
« le: 07 août 2021, à 11:55:50 »
As usual, I have a few goals, some more realistic than others.  ;D

My "base line" goal for this year is to get a medal. I think if I had to pick one mode in which to get a medal, I would lean towards GP since that's the only mode for which I don't yet have a medal from an international championship.

Other (more-or-less) realistic goals for this year include:
- get a gold medal.
- get a medal in every mode.
- finish ahead of Jarmou in every mode.
- finish ahead of Geo in a 2P mode.

For international championships, I typically have one major "stretch" goal, which I view as unrealistic yet attainable with an overperformance on my end and/or underperformances from other participants. This year, my stretch goal is to win CDE.  >:D

Edit: I forgot a very important goal, which is to beat Mario86 in MR KO stage to avenge the SMKAS Grand Final.
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Vos objectifs pour le CDE 2021 / Your CDE 2021 goals
« Réponse #1 le: 07 août 2021, à 12:36:14 »
Ok lets see what the Irishman virus comes out with.

1: Actually make it to Alphen. (Because as we know planes mostly crash)
2: Rank above Jarm0u and Geo in the group and then make top 8 in TT (Will be very tough but achievable)
3: Get through a few KO rounds in battle
4: Take a few races off the top players in Match race. (Probably not wins but maybe a shock draw)
5: Try not to cry on GP day while i'm getting destroyed

Crazy goal would be a medal of some color. Most likely TT and needs a 2018 GV3 shitshow from the likes of KVD Antistar Lafungo etc but if they fall early then i fancy my chances against MVH Geo Wild Jarm0u etc

But who knows in one tries. Miracles can happen............

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Vos objectifs pour le CDE 2021 / Your CDE 2021 goals
« Réponse #2 le: 09 août 2021, à 11:21:20 »
I have 3 main goals this year:

1) The first one (which I think I should be able to reach this year thanks the lower attendance) is to keep my top 7 streak. Of course I wanna do better than this, even if I realistically can't do any better than 3rd, which would help me get my first trophy ever, so that might be my ultimate goal but I don't wanna dream too big. We'll see how things happen.

2) The second one, much harder but still very important to me, is to secure a 10th medal in my championship career, and my first one in a CDE. I thought I would never get the chance again to win one so I don't want to miss this opportunity.

3) The final one is just to enjoy myself like I do every year, and hopefully I'll make Marine enjoy the event too and wanna get involved more, who knows!

Alternative/harder goals:

• Rank above Lafungo overall (I don't mind if he defeats me somewhere or even knocks me out of a mode if I can beat him at the end)
• Win gold in TT. Against Karel. I will be very proud of winning TT again but it has to be against him. <yoshitroll.png>
• Get a medal in MR, don't care if it's bronze. If I fail to win one in TT I'll do anything to secure one there.
• Reach a BM semi. It would not have the same value as if I had reached, for example, that 2011 one I came kinda close to attend, but it'd count. And I wanna make it count.
• Force Karel into playing a "rematch" in any winners bracket, which would end with a match point for both, after he sends me to the loser bracket. Preferably in MR.
• Survive against Rune in BM if I face him. I'm already scared.
• Find a way to reach the highest Anti-scale point ever recorded (something more doable than beating Geo in BM).
• Play at a good level enough to prevent myself from talking about retirement at the end of the event.
• Make the colors of the absent countries shine despite not being there, thanks to the ways I'll represent them.
• Find a goal to reach in GP in order to talk about this hell of a mode in this post. Oh, well, that's settled.
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Vos objectifs pour le CDE 2021 / Your CDE 2021 goals
« Réponse #3 le: 10 août 2021, à 01:21:56 »
- Que tout fonctionne bien - Switch SNES :
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Vos objectifs pour le CDE 2021 / Your CDE 2021 goals
« Réponse #4 le: 10 août 2021, à 11:14:00 »
Pour ma part, si possible faire mieux que l'an dernier (même si réalistement au général, mieux que 6 vu le casting ça va être chaud) où je n'ai pas vraiment performé, la folie serait l'équivalent d'une demi finale quelque part, et surtout faire en sorte que les Kart Babies passent une bonne semaine et aient envie de revenir à un futur championnat!
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Vos objectifs pour le CDE 2021 / Your CDE 2021 goals
« Réponse #5 le: 12 août 2021, à 17:54:49 »
Mon objectif est de suivre les épreuves en direct aussi souvent et longtemps que faire se peut! GO JARMOU pour défendre les couleurs de la Belgique!!!
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